Monday, October 27, 2008

A moment

There you go shifting my sands again
Just when I was getting comfortable
Liking what I see, you turn me upside down
I never know where we are heading
I am running blind, scared, petrified
Its more than I let on
What will tomorrow unfold?
I'm helpless and the feeling is not welcome
Its a great inconvenience on time and the plan
I want out, I want it back the way it was
So stop the world and let me get out
I just need a moment to catch my breathe
Stop the world, I'm running on empty
I need a moment just to hear your voice
Remind me that you will always be there
Tell me of your great strength and I need not fear
Let me feel your gentleness that calms my raging seas
Whisper softly to this heart of mine that is crying out to you
Make me whole, make me new
I need to be fixed, mended, made complete
Please take it all away from me
Cos I'm crumbling under the weight
Barely holding on, its out of my hands
It's out of my reach
It's over my head
And its out of my league
There's too many things
That I don't understand
So its in your will
And its out of my hands

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Something borrowed, a timeless classic

Faithful one, so unchanging
Ageless one, You're my prince of peace
Lord of all, I depend on you
I call out to You, again and again
I call out to You, again and again

You are my Rock in times of trouble
You lift me up when I fall down
All through the storm
You're love is the Anchor
My hope is in You alone

Monday, October 6, 2008

Here is to Daddy

Spoke to mum on my birthday and she says baby girl, you are all grown up now,
Daddy would be so proud of the fine young woman you have become.
So that day I thought of all the days I wished that you hadnt gone away.
The day I finished my finals, my graduation, when I got my first job,
I miss you every day but more so on all my first days of everything.

I however thought to myself that I would remember you different that day.
I would remember why you meant the world to me
The reason why after so many years, am still not over you

I thought of how we talked about eveything
How we couldnt understand why mum was always late even though she got up the earliest
How you just let me be when I went into my moods
The way you laughed at funny things I said
The way you celebrated my achievements and picked me up when I didnt do so well
How you couldnt wait to have me back home when I went away
The way you gave me wings to fly and achieve my dreams
How you believed in me mostly when I wasnt so sure of myself
The way you set me straight when I was wrong
Your wisdom and outlook on life when I needed guidance
For letting me find and stand my own feet

I guess I could go on forever but the most important thing that you did is introducing me to the greatest friend there is to know.
So when I miss you so much it hurts to breath, I talk to this friend of ours and let Him know how much it hurts cos He understands.

I pray each day that somehow you are able to see me and share in my days though I cant see you.
If you were here this is what I would like to say " though I am all grown up now, I will always be your little girl".

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I need my freedom

Who will let me out of this dreary relationship?
I am so in need of freedom.
Been in it for over a decade.

am tired and tired and tired of it.....


I love this group in Nairobi mostly at Alliance F..these guys are the craziest.

they teem with talent. they are a cut above in things comical. The Info below is about a play they are restaging....its a must watch if you are in Nairobi....

'Heartstrings Kenya, the top most theatre group in Kenya is back with the world's most acclaimed comedy "OUT OF ORDER"
Directed by Vic and Sam
Dates: 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 Sept 2008
Venue: Alliance Francaise
Times: 6.30pm weekdays, 3 & 6.30pm weekend
Charges: 500/=

There is a whole government delegation that has attended a world conference abroad and such a setting never lacks sideshows going on behind the scenes in the hotel they are booked in. When Richard (Larry Asego), a Government Minister, plans to spend the evening with Jane (Chao Mkamzee), one of the Opposition's typists, things go disastrously wrong in this hugely successful, brilliant, lunatic, wildly funny when the Coalition Government finally turns and becomes Cohabitation Government

Heartstrings Kenya Ensemble is Nairobi's leading semi repertoire performing arts company with the reputation for witty, quality conventional theatrical performances touching on social issues, since 1996.

Heartstrings Kenya Ensemble,
P.O. BOX 43321-00100,