Monday, March 24, 2008


My life is captivating or so i think. The easter weekend was spent in trying to remove clatter from my house. Now my wife is a wonderful person but she likes holding on to the past lots; including things she doesn't really need. Am not about to tell wat else she holds onto.

I on the other hand will easily throw away anything am not using except electronics n wires...And photographs. I discovered mystery of all mysteries that i do have a train of snaps all carelessly maintained from my childhood to the present, almost four decades worth of experience....Isn't that clatter or what? The number of the snaps could be about one thousand. They are all in hard print. I cant imagine buying picture albums cos I'll end up creating another nightmare in terms of space. Its not cosy to store them on a comp.

Now blogthrens how do i sort this picture mess? Mind u all these snaps are so dear to me cos they tell the story of my life.

Ideas Ppo.

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  • Thursday, March 20, 2008

    All for us

    Did you rise the sun for me, or paint a million stars that I may know your majesty?
    Is your voice upon the wind, is everything I've known marked with the makers fingerprints?

    The precious blood of Jesus Christ redeems, forgiven I'm alive, restored, set free
    Your majesty resides inside of me forever I believe

    Arrested by your truth and righteousness, Your grace has overwhelmed my brokenness
    Convicted by your spirit, led by Your word, Your love will never fail

    Cause I know you gave the world your only son for us to know your name
    To live within the saviours love and He took my place knowing He'd be crucified
    And You love, yes You loved a people undeserving

    And You saw me, when you took a crown of thorns and Your blood washed over me
    And You loved me through the nails that You bore and Your blood washes over me

    Amazing love like no other, grace without an end
    As Your word promised You died and rose again

    Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    My several

    I'm not sure on the order of priority so here we go!

    1. I do not own a mirror in my house. I have no idea why but I have just never seen the point of having one. My friend says I am modest, another one says I need a mirror in my house. Some do not believe I don't own one because I dress well and they wonder how I know the clothes are right. Its a feeling, I have to feel what I wear otherwise we are not going anywhere-I like that.

    2. I have a great sense of fashion-whatever I pick looks good and authentic-so its hard convincing my friends that I sometimes pick my clothes from tush-

    3. I love high heels because I think they are sexy and make one look good-but I can't walk in them-I try and sometimes I pull through-those are the shoes I never give out-if I cannot wear them I will look at them!

    4. Grey's anatomy is currently rocking my world, Parachute Band's Amazing is in my ear right now

    5. I am a die hard fun of Kumbamba Radio

    6. I do not like people who repeat things, it bores me to tears.

    7. And speaking of tears, I'm not the everyday teary girl. I don't cry over movies or when people die-I cry over things yes, but when I do its bad-real bad and sometimes you wouldn't expect.

    8. I find it funny and weird if you may that people break up and make up over and over. I'm the kind who when we break up that's it, I mean if it didn't work the first time what makes you think it will this time? and no we can't be friends!(well, at least not immediately).

    9. I love electronics-phones, cameras, music systems, ipods you name it. And yes, I repair my own when they have issues.

    I'm a good cook, very good one at that. I like the good things of life, I love dearly, wholeheartedly, I smile from my heart, I laugh from deep within.

    Monday, March 17, 2008

    Random thoughts

    Was God smiling when He spoke the words that made the world?
    Did He cry about the flood?
    What does God's voice sound when He sings, when He is angry?
    This are just afew things that the angels have on me

    Well I cant fly at least not yet
    I've got no halo on my head
    I cant even start to picture heaven's beauty
    But I've been shown a saviour's love
    The grace of God has raised me up
    To show me things that angels long to look into
    And I know things angels only wish they knew

    And someday I will sit with my angel friends up in heaven
    And they'll tell me about creation
    And I'll tell them a story of grace

    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    Instrument in God's Hands

    Chosen me; out of lostness
    Broken He; but in innocence
    Pardon me; that His Presence
    Condone me; dirt or a menace
    Wanting me;bit of a nuisance
    Granting me; fit for Holiness
    An instrument in your hands today
    an idol i was yesterday in hell totally
    an hindrance in ways you have tendered
    an instrument in your hands today
    Praise be to God
    Who's grace abounds
    I am being touched by Your Hands
    Being molded by your hands
    Being loved into what You Will
    Now like a guitar
    sharply tuned and playful
    the Master Skilfully plays me
    I am awash with His Song.
    I am an instrument In His Hands


    Tuesday, March 4, 2008

    My six

    1. I am loud.....I laugh loud, speak loud most of the time, I live life out loud no reservations

    2. I have about six pairs of black trousers and I can tell them apart, why I have so many I really don't know they just seem to accumulate

    3. I have given up counting the number of pairs of shoes I have my greatest weakness, when I can afford a house of my own I will have a shoe room for them to go on display

    3. I am punctual to a fault and that makes me hate waiting, I simply do not understand why some people are always late it just doesn't work for me, I panic when I am late even if its for the most insignificant thing

    4. I am a daredevil I just cant resist a dare the number of things I have done cos of a dare are numerous and most of them put me into trouble but hey one has to make most of this life live for the moment

    5. they say I am stubborn, I call myself a free spirit. Being told what to do just doesn't sit well with me. The thing am told not to do ends up being what I exactly do so that tells you am not a favourite of authority

    6. This should have come first but oh well. MUSIC all kinds and dancing my new found passion. I cant get enough of it everywhere every hour every minute cant do without music

    7. Bonus cos am good like that..... I cry alot, watching a good movie, reading a good book even when I laugh so hard I cry, beautiful song I weep, when am so happy I end up crying when am sad I wail when I say goodbye its just never ending I sometimes cry for no reason(strange I know)