Monday, March 24, 2008


My life is captivating or so i think. The easter weekend was spent in trying to remove clatter from my house. Now my wife is a wonderful person but she likes holding on to the past lots; including things she doesn't really need. Am not about to tell wat else she holds onto.

I on the other hand will easily throw away anything am not using except electronics n wires...And photographs. I discovered mystery of all mysteries that i do have a train of snaps all carelessly maintained from my childhood to the present, almost four decades worth of experience....Isn't that clatter or what? The number of the snaps could be about one thousand. They are all in hard print. I cant imagine buying picture albums cos I'll end up creating another nightmare in terms of space. Its not cosy to store them on a comp.

Now blogthrens how do i sort this picture mess? Mind u all these snaps are so dear to me cos they tell the story of my life.

Ideas Ppo.

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    charm said...

    I have lots of my photos on my walls making patterns-well, its the joy of living alone, this will most probably not work for you.
    Buy the albums-the big ones that take lots of photos-yeah, photos not pictures- or throw them!

    Maua said...

    I have an album that holds about 1500 6x4 size photos,(1000 5x7) and it comes in the form of a folder which can be refilled. The refills come in 10-20pages.

    I'm sure 2-3 albums will hold your entire 4 decades memories.

    Alternatively, give yourself about 6 months and start scanning, then buy dvds with huge memories.

    I'm a photographer, and I have thousands and thousands of photos, which I store in an external hard drive. Try it.

    Prettylyf said...

    Cleaning house huh? great! we gotta hold on to some stuff but there's always time to let go :)

    joyunspeakable said...


    i think i like your idea. but don't you see what my house will become? an uncordinated art gallery. imagine all those shots, big and small...all sizes...clattering my wall....argh...

    Maua, was trying to avoid all those big large books called my,,, i visited Nakumatt and they cost an arm and a leg...i mean considering that an album of only 10 sheets cost 1000bob........however since i can buy three of them and xtra sheets...i'll c.

    pretty....if we don't clean up, we will be stuck in mess in our own residences....then we forget that the same mess could be useful to someone else....

    thanks for the feedback guys

    extravagantgrace said...

    What you need is to invest in a digital camera in the meantime take mental pictures they dont take up physical space