Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The real deal

this glass shattering experience

I came, I broke you apart.
you forgot, you were not meant to be
a glass, tall, beautiful, wine glass
so yes, i broke you apart
but the reason I'm Back
is cos you are the flexibility
the deal, the diamond
though rough edged
but well brushed
aware, knowledgeable
You now
are the real deal.

Monday, February 8, 2010

In reply to Digzer's Potential Love

wow, found you
just for what you think
to spread the love
to make the love
to grow the love

only, just only
under my smile
is the desire
that you will meet
all my desires

so yes smile on
cos thats what am looking for
when i look at you
I die with longing
cos in my heart of hearts
i want you so bad

only so only if
todays desire
will not turn out
my tommorows anathema
thanks Digzer for coming my way

wicked imagination

i bit my lip
just thinking
what an opportunity it would have been
to bite yours
but then
it was all in my
wicked imagination

both of we

but why?
why cant you be?
just like i thought you'd be?

why did you change?
i met different person in you?
now you are completely grey

ahh...now I see
both we are chasing
after so much wind
and failed to see
the tsunami of changes
effected on both of we

Saturday, February 6, 2010

career or stand?

A young Banker purchased a Cycle
Cycle was a beauty
Didn’t has a carrier at the back
He sent his brother to get it fixed
When the cycle came back with carrier fitted
Bank representative noted that
Now stand was missing
He went to cycle dealer
Asked him why stand have been removed?
He told ,
You are working in a Bank
You will get one thing.
Carrier OR stand
IF you will take stand than don't talk about carrier.
IF you want to make career than do not take Stand.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Author Unknown
(Though possibly written by either the worst sinner or
the most thankful person in heaven, or both!)
picked from here

I was shocked, confused, bewildered
As I entered Heaven's door,
Not by the beauty of it all,
Nor the lights or its decor.

But it was the folks in Heaven
Who made me sputter and gasp--
The thieves, the liars, the sinners,
The alcoholics and the trash.

There stood the kid from seventh grade
Who swiped my lunch money twice.
Next to him was my old neighbor
Who never said anything nice.

Herb, who I always thought
Was rotting away in hell,
Was sitting pretty on cloud nine,
Looking incredibly well.

I nudged Jesus, 'What's the deal?
I would love to hear Your take.
How'd all these sinners get up here?
God must've made a mistake.

'And why is everyone so quiet,
So somber - give me a clue.'
'Hush, child,' He said, 'they're all in shock.
No one thought they'd be seeing you..'


Remember...Just going to church doesn't make you a
Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car.

Every saint has a PAST...
Every sinner has a FUTURE!
Now it's your turn... Share this poem.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


is what i become
having gone from one trial to another
seen the goliaths being slain
that even the lion and the hyena
that lurks on that dark path
that i tread on with my two wheel
in the forest that leads to the main road
to life's sweetest dreams
from the village of my past
will one day
one day, one day, one day,
be enclosed by an electric fence
that will just make it sport for me
then i will be happy
to go and snap pictures
while in the security of my four wheel

Sunset on a Furahiday

Look the speed took you
away in time Maybe even space.
Or maybe fright.
The four four driven beyond
Allowed flight
Nice weekend to you
Just before you know it
Another freight
Monday is here!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Walking back?
The same shoes i walked in?
all the way are they not finished?
With stillettos on me now?
so you can imagine the damage am doing
if i walk right back
or even may break the both our bones
cos i notice the floor is so slippery
and my stillettos gonna leave a huge pothole
and my ankles gonna break
and my soles gonna be numb
and my soul is gonna be torn
and my memories are gonna be back
no, am not taking a walk
down that path
it will simply kill me;
even you too.

Friday, January 22, 2010

stolen is sweet

goldenberg was a microscope
angloleasing was a binoculars
politician was a thief
who decided to see
and look and see
then he saw and stole
then like a child
hands dipped into the sugar dish
mouth full of the sugar
he announced
look, see,
here lies a new invention
i have made a new discovery
eating sugar is actually sweet
angloleasing, goldenberg

forgiveness? how-be-it?

Mmmh? forgive?
So hard. I have agonized
a pigs life?
For a chickens love?
Cause you never fail to produce the
But refuse to realise
That for me to bring forth the bacon
I must die

who wants a brainee?

nay this brain thingi will not bring food to table....but my money would.
This brain will be too serious
When all I want is some minutes of pleasure
Even if I was to buy
Or entice you
Make you see and visualize my sixpack
Above your one pack
You thought I did not have a brain?
Didn't I just prove
It dwells in between
My pants?

me i want those kisses

Kiss, lips, gosh...
My girl says I be the best

I can't stop kissing her though
Cos she admits without knowing
She has kissed or been kissed by others

I love her kisses too
I have to do so
Cos they are hottest lips those
And I quite understand
When I have to share that hotness
With other wannabes.

help from unexpected quarters

really...strong hands indeed.
Made from something
I dont quite like.
Someone would despise
One who i would pass
Without halloing

They say
Fimbo ya mbali
Haiuwi nyoka
Your neighbour
Yes that obnoxious one
Will be the first
To answer to your
Obvious cry

swaleh mdoe

Swaleh Mdoe:

Niki angalia kopo langu la saa, naona saa moja imekatika dakika takriban kumi na kenda.....
Siku moja.....Babu alipimwa damu kwa kidole na Nurse ikawa damu haitoki. Ilimbidi NURSE amunyonye kidole ndiyo damu itoke.. BABU kuona raha akasema mkojo pia haitoki.....Tafakari Hayo.


I'm having trouble remembering where the lines cross your face
Your smile is fading from memory
Wont you hurry back and fill that space again?

I'm waiting, watching the rain, quietly willing the phone to ring
I suspect this healthy silence,
Will continue a few days yet

I'm hanging here just reminiscing
About all the things you said to me
Hoping you plan on returning to interrupt my reverie

You're sweet, sweeter than honey tea
You're precious and worth more than gold to me
I'm head over heels over feet for you

Monday, January 18, 2010


2009 was peculiar. Being the year of being near jacked....and lost precious stuff on my phone including church notes. The phone is another matter

I am at the mall late evening one day in March meeting a prospective client. The mall at Westi..you know convinience? Mmmh met my client at Tamambo restaurant, nice place by the way, really cool place that for serious chit chat, deal closure etc etc... So after some considerable damage to my pocket on this evening by my worthy client, we call it an evening. As i go down the stairs at the mall, i remember i need to make certain payments in the morning. So against better judgement i go to pesapoint and withdraw the maximum allowable mmmmh 20k!

Unbeknown to me someone had been watching me since my arrival some two hours earlier. I had come and parked beside the main entrance. A marked person.

The person happened to be a 'policeman', fully uniformed, G3 in hand and like a dog that carefully knows its master has just left the bar with leftover bones, this dog met me at the main entrance....the dog wagged its tongue...i stopped to listen. Nice cop, by the way, meeting me for first time and having such a cool demeanour, knowledge of current affairs, polished English.... God knows, since i saw the stress these guys expose themselves to provide us mortals with security during the election fiasco time, i have been kinda soft hearted....so listening i did. Ten minutes later I have to remind myself am getting late. The 'policeman' bids me farewell. I head for my car which is just 10 metres across from where we are standing. I enter the car and by now my police friend really is so cool, he becomes my eyes at my back...like njoo, njoo tu...its clear, kata sasa ok.... Obviously after such a gesture, you wanna appreciate ama? So yes i roll down my passenger window just to let him know he is cool, then comes his wagging tongue again....since boss you are going towards town, just lift me upto waumini house? Mmmmh? Did i think twice...hell no. Some voice told me something was wrong, lakini this guy is fly, so cool...ok, I say and open the door for him.

20 Metres out of location the guy turns to me and he is like....'i say boss, forget all you heard from me. (more like saying This is a hold up) just give me all the money you withdrew just a few moments ago...' am like 'but, but, but....., ' he is like 'you heard me rigght. Count all of it.' So i reach my pocket and remove my porch....he goes like...can we get more from Atm? And am like what? The ATM gave maximum....now am getting sick. Cos i am diabetic, slight strange people giving strange edits bring strnge reaction on my sugars.

'this is not enough money.' he says. 'Could you surrender your phone too? Now now i did not mind the phone. But those notes, random poems and notes joted on the jam?...well i lost them all....at least for life was at stake

Now i thought this my experience was tough one....but i have this friend of mine whose experience was from jupiter, I think. You see he is a sexholic sirnonymous. So one night he is driving down westlands road and guess what? The twilight girls are on the road. Now SS looks at the hordes of girls calling him honey and finds one almost apart from the rest and opens his Merc for the girl.

Now this guy though driving a merc does not see the need to spend in a nice lodging to satisfy his needs....so he asks the gal where they should go. She has a ready answer....a parking lot in a certain basement....mmmmh it was going to be so cheap...and he could have sex with her in HIs cushioned merc...nice huh?
So off they go....into a basement. The gal asks him for 100 shillings parking fee to pay the askaris...which SS my tycoon pal pays.. When the gal comes she is rearing to go down on him...mmmmmh the works, the SS goes crazy with anticipation...then the gal tells him she will 'BBBJ' him first...he gets into frenzy. This is so perfect, so he believes. Just when he is about to feel loss of brakes a torch lights the dark sky next to his car. His doors are being swung open. A policeman appears with a powerful sony phone that snaps him naked....my guy is so afraid. You see he is a father of a boy who is very proud of him. He is a mover of sorts within his sphere of influence. Now this policeman has perfect proof of what has been caught on camera...his dick...his face...

SS has to locate his trouser, which he had
removed in a frenzy of passionate feeling. His trouser now in one corner of the car, one side leg inside out..the policeman is barking Orders...toka,toka,toka....nini hii mnafanya hapa malaya nyinyi nyote? Poor SS now resigns to trying to negotiate. The policeman says to him that the offence will land him in prison or 120k fine...SS Thinks about his wife and child....what will he say to them?

'surely officer, there must be something somehow we can do about this.' ss pleads. Hakuna, says the policeman, 'hii umalaya hautafanya hapa tena...Ok?' officer, tuongee kama wanaume, niko na ngiri moja hapa... Officer laughs scornfully...'leo utalala ndani buda....na hata wewe malaya msichana, toa pesa au ulale..

SS now knows his game has come to an undesired end. The hard on he had developed now a limp worm like thing, the condom earlier worn still on it....

Tunaenda polisi station...drive there....as the askari gets into the front seat, G3 on hand.....an afterthought.....'how much can you raise?' wapi ATM card? SS remembers he has some cash.....SS is released after quite some haggling.

he however replays in his mind. the hooker had already been paid. The hooker in the confusion had seen where SS had dropped his wallet and hooked out the money in the wallet. SS goes to Westlands the MALL and withdraws some money in the company of the police and the hooker.

Later SS notices he had been duped. this was a classic gang of thieves. the hooker was all the time in the game with the police person.And it was not a policeman anyway.

SS had met his match. He was 20,000/= poorer by midnight.


Two more weeks and the public justice murder a police rogue in uniform for harrasing wanainchi at night within the westlands area. SS was elated.... Me? I think so too.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The essence of a woman

Taking time off to do some volunteering work has been amazing and challenging but I would do it all over again given the chance. Walked into the centre and it was like I never left, it was filled with familiar faces and some not so familiar and before I knew it I was sent off to work running workshops and doing what came so naturally connecting with my girls some of them older than me some younger but it didn't matter. Some younger girls caught my attention during recess as they twirled around pretending to be dancing at a ball and they were a vision of beauty. Their faces all lit up and flashed pink cheeks from all the laughing and dancing lost in a world of their own. Caught up in the moment I totally forgot I was conversing with two other girls who were taken by the view as well. One of them remarked that they would have loved to be pretty and to my horror the other said that she was cursed to have been born pretty.

Now my girls have had issues in their lives that would break any ones heart hearing their stories and we are working on rebuilding them but those comments got me thinking how women generally ache over the issue of beauty. Its true of every woman even those who might think are totally accomplished with self confidence. We ache to be beautiful, to believe we are beautiful and worry over keeping it if ever we can.

We sometimes beat ourselves up because we simply do not measure up. When the picture on the mirror doesn't match the cover of the magazine and we become consumed with our insecurities. Now the desire to be beautiful has caused many women untold grief(how many diets have you been on?) Countless tears have been shed and hearts broken in its pursuit. For others beauty has been shamed,used and abused. Some have learnt that possessing beauty can be dangerous. And yet- and this is just astounding- in spite of all the pain and distress that beauty has caused us as women the desire remains. But all these self help remedies never fill the gaping holes in our lives, they are never enough because sooner or later we find ourselves back in the same position of feeling unwanted, unseen, unsought, uncertain.

It doesn't stop at the outward beauty but more a desire to be captivating in the depths of who you are. Outward beauty would be hollow were it not for the beauty of the heart.

A dear friend once said to me that a woman was the Master's finishing touch, the crescendo, the crown of creation ( this was during one of my rants of how I wish sometimes I had been born male). Beauty is an essence that dwells within every woman, given to you by God.

Beauty is the most essential and yes, the most misunderstood of all feminine qualities. However its an essence that every woman carries from the moment of her creation. The only things standing in the way of our beauty are our doubts and fears, and the hiding and striving we fall to as a result.

Monday, January 11, 2010

You got me good

I wait in the silence to hear your voice, just to hear your call
And I will catch the intonation of every syllable as it falls
No one can replace it, my words cannot attain it
Your love is boundless, without condition, I fumble with words to explain it
Warm me with your love, thaw my unbelief
Lift me from the floor and place me back upon my feet
You renew my strength so I can walk and not faint
My hope is in you, you have my heart and my faith

Where would I be without you?
My skin crawls with the very thought of a world without you
And even if I die, I know that I cannot be without you
Cause the afterlife means that after life I'll never be without you
But for now I'll focus on the time on earth we share
And when the silence fall, you're there
Still waiting to care for any load I have to bear
So in the silence of these moments, my heart whispers this prayer

When hope is lost, I'll call you saviour
When pain surrounds, I'll call you healer
When the silence falls, you'll be the song within my heart

Insecurities have me going insane, I've never been so lame
Your voice to me is calming like rain on a window pane
What I didnt deserve, you covered with your loving words
You reached out and embraced me, without you I am flakey
But now I am all new cos your love completely remakes me
Ever you will be the song of my heart regardless
Cos you are the light of life that got sparked in my darkness

Inspite of all my failures and mistakes,my shame and disgrace
You took my life and covered it with grace
I know that all my steps are ordered by you
And so I step with confidence because your love is true
When I'm tossed by life's winds and waves
I'm not afraid cos you've got power, you're mighty to save
Not too concerned even when alone
I know late into the night when tears fall you hold me

I will praise you, when the tears fall, still I will sing
I will praise you, through the suffering, still I will sing

Take my state of heart
Take my state of mind
Take the fear I have
Take the pain I hide

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hopeless Romantic

I'm saying sorry in advance cos this wont always got to plan
Though we dont mean to take our love for granted
It is in our nature to forget what matters
When the going is getting tough
And we're all about giving up
Things that we never thought we'd gonna say
Gonna say them
Things we never thought we'd play
Gonna play them
It aint perfect but its worth it
And its always getting better
Its gonna take time to make it right
Cos I'm still learning the art of love
I'm still trying not to mess it up
So whenever I stumble let me know
You need to spell it out for me
If I ever hurt you it not my intention
Cos we're gonna make mistakes
Find out how much your heart can take
But I know you've got my back
And baby I got yours
Sometimes I'm gonna miss
I'm still learning how to give
I'm not giving up
I'm still learning how to love
I'm gonna get it right sometimes
While I am learning the art of love
But when I stumble
You need to let me know
You need to spell it out

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dreaming again

Holding his hand on a starry night I asked what the future held for me
Would I be pretty? Would I be famous? Would I be a scholar? Would I...?
He laughed and said...child you will be whatever you set your heart on being
And let no one tell you that you cannot be, the canvas is blank colour it bright
Reaching for the sky will only be selling yourself short
So spread your wings and prepare for flight
Watching out for the plans heaven has for you
For they will sure unfold as you grow
Dream big child, having faith in those dreams
Dare to do great things even what seems laughable

I dreamt, filled with hope and a passion
The world was mine for the taking
I could do the impossible, reach the unreachable
I acquired trophies and titles
I pushed through barriers and jumped huddles
But not without cost
With disappointments, bruises and wounds
With hurts that threatened to tear me apart
I even lost a bit of self
Somehow along the way I stopped dreaming
The flame of hope dwindled to a flicker
Then it all together died
Passion replaced by existence not living at all
However I dare to dream again

I dare to hope and have faith
Rediscovering the heart of that young girl
A heart not jaded
The girl who thought she could do the impossible

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I have built a city here
With walls as tall as can be
Just wanted a safer place to hide
I dont want to be safe tonight
Feels like the walls are caving
My back is against the wall
And I want to crumble
Breaking free of my bondage
I need you like a hurricane
thunder crushing wind and rain
To tear my walls down
I need you like a burning flame
A wild fire untamed
To burn this walls down
Dont wait for an invitation
Cos I lack the strength to ask
Knock through and get to me

Friday, December 4, 2009


Strong on the outside
But coming apart at the seams
Thats me
Hidding in my skin
Broken from within
Tragically always together
But bruised underneath
Thats me
I stand just to stumble
I trip on my pride
Why do I always try to hide
But you see the real me
Unveil me completely
I am loosening my grasp
There is no need to mask my frailty

Patiently waiting to pick up
The pieces of me
Thats you
Healer of hearts
When the world leaves it broken in two
That's always You
You stretch your arms to reach for me
Weaving the tattered fabric of my life
Into a perfect tapestry
Wonderful, Beautiful
Thats what you see
When you look at me
Cos you see the real me

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Company I keep

I have realised or it has been pointed out to me then when I am undergoing and internal crisis I tend to organised my external surrounding, cleaning and tidying obsessively in a bid to get some calm.....may be true...someone should have warned me about making friends with psychology geeks

Anyhu, I was having one of those days of frantically organising my already neat and tidy office cause for many reasons am unsettled. Halfway through the day I caught my reflection in the ladies( perfect thinking place) and noticed my eyebrows that were quickly turning into a monobrow....get that on my to do list which was growing longer than a mile...move it to the top of the list I suppose.

Some workmate of mine/friend/strange annoying person/dont know why we are friends cos he is so annoying, was booking some beauty treatment using my phone( wonder why) in my working space( cluttering, invasion of personal space). I asked him to book me in for an EYEBROW wax latest time they had and shooed him out to get on with work.

Cancelled meeting GREAT snicked out of office headed for the beauty spot met receptionist who always looks bored and caked with make up showed me to the rooms and in came an oriental woman with heavy accent asking why I was still dressed. Stunned she carried on talking muttering stuff I could hardly hear asked whether it was brazillian or bikini now that had me off the bed and reaching for the door. She asks where u go me not done nothing and in my head I was like yeah and you aint going to be doing anything anywhere near there.

She opened the door and shouted at the forever bored receptionist asking what kind of wax I was having. The place was packed with middle aged women escaping their NOT stressful lives and the Chinx is going she say(pointing at me) eyebrow you(receptionist) say brazil then she( pointing to some other beautician) say bikini..wot do? Wow I had my fill of embarrassment and left with my monobrow.

How did a simple eyebrow wax turn into waxing of my bits...........then it hit me the idiot of a friend had decided to pull a fast one on me.

Need to get him back...I will be having the last laugh

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stolen Memories

You called at my door, I was elated but surprised
Cos you've been gone a long while
Not that I was taking note...
Well maybe I was
It was strange yet familiar
Like you never left
But all that changed with a single hallo
Awkwardness erased by the hug
The lingering scent thats is so you
We talked for what seemed like ages
But it wasnt enough
For so much more was left unsaid
As we bridged the gap
Created by the lapse of time
Amazing how we find our way back
To the unhurried banter
Comfortable silences
Exhilarating laughter
Regardless of the separation
In time and place
So when you gone again tomorrow
I will look back to yesterday
And be thankful for the memories

Friday, November 27, 2009

What's on my mind?

Alot is on my mind,
Alot that I want to say
So much more
Than could fit on a FB update
Lately my smile has been on holiday
My mind, consumed with one thought
Why we dont seem to get along
How we have become experts
On avoiding each other lately
I am so wound up inside
I could literally snap
The tension is gnawing at me
But you dont seem to see
That I am fading away
Slowly dying, only existing
You dont understand
I cannot be held back
You are only delaying the inevitable
I only wish you would let me be
Conventional has never been my style
Dont try to change me to conform
Accept me just as I am
I pave my own way
Never walking in paths marked by others
Thats the only way of discovering who I be
It doesnt matter if it hurts me
I will pick myself up and start over
There is no way I will unravel
I am tightly held together
I am exhausted from the bickering
I ask for understanding
And a little faith
To find my feet to walk, run
Then wings to fly and soar
Just let me be

Friday, November 6, 2009


Its been a tough call Keeping up with blogworld? I visited today and found cobwebs(BLOGWEBS) and i said to meself let me go clean them first (read-catch up with all other posts of blogworld then i come)


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I find myself looking at you

Stranger I thought I knew

Harsh words came like a dart

Sharp arrows pierced my heart

Then I said some things out of spite

And so I should apologise

I would take them back

If only I could

So where do we go from here

Going back to where we began

Is wishing for the fallen stars

See, whenever I see you

It all comes rushing back

Years gone, the impact fades

There is no more pain

Just a dull ache

With a longing for days gone by

I hold nothing against you

Wishing you well in all you do

Rejoicing always over your well being

For what I loved

I could not hate

But so long

Stranger who was friend

For my heart is numb

Almost without feeling

Somehow frozen in time

But so in need of healing

When I look back

In the years to come

I will smile

For having met you

Monday, October 12, 2009

Jimmy Choo

My first day back to work after an amazing holiday in the sun. Sun is out but the air is crisp cold. Favourite outfit on and to top it, my new Jimmy's a birthday gift from a dear friend. Oh yeah it was my birthday the end of last month , the celebrations are still stretching on and I had a blast mmmmmmh the memories..... but I digress

The girl was looking good and feeling good, the sun does work wonders indeed. Hadnt felt that energetic and enthused for a while. Checked into work, run a few errands and decided to pay my bank a visit. Havent been in a branch for months courtesy of internet banking but since I was in town thought I would do it the old fashioned way.

That went pretty well untill I walked out of the building and crossed the road which was clear at the time, I checked because I have been known to step out into traffic whilst busy on the phone. Halfway across my precious shoe heel gets stuck in a manhole or was it a drain? No idea but the point is I was stuck and traffic started building up. I didnt want to yank the heel and damage my gorgeous shoe( I am a shoe fanatic...thats the only thing I think I obsess over). so I fumbled with the straps and claps to get it off and that wasnt working with my hands full of paperwork.

I didnt dare look up cos I knew there was a queue of cars with impatient drivers who didnt give a damn about my stuck shoe. I was nearly in tears when a very nice gentleman got off his stunning Audi A5 sportback( Yes I can tell car makes and models not ur typical gal huh?) and asked if he could help. I appreciated this gesture untill he decided to pull my leg which would damage my shoe instead of trying to get it off my foot first then gently prise it off the hole it was stuck in. I asked him to hold my stuff while I took my shoe off and went on my knees to free it. By this time I had turned into some kind of a show with drivers getting off their cars to witness the hold up, passersby and guys from the bank who included my bank manager....he is never going to approve that loan now. This probably lasted a few minutes but it seemed like a decade of embarrassment.

Problem solved I was on my way rather hurriedly after thanking the kind gentleman whom I have bumped into too many times than I would like to mention after that incident. It seems like everywhere I go he shows up. Stalker???????

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I was at a loss for words so I borrowed...

These arms of mine, they are lonely
Lonely and feeling blue

These arms of mine are yearning
Yearning from wanting you

And if you would let them hold you
Oh how grateful I will be

These arms of mine are burning,
Burning from wanting to hold you

And if you would let them hold you
Oh how grateful I will be

I need me somebody, somebody to treat me right
I need you arms, your loving arms to hold me tight

I need your tender lips to hold me
To hold me together when I'm around you

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good bye?

What is so good about it?
The pain that tears through me
When you turn to leave?
The unspoken begging words
To make you stay.. a little longer?
The indecision of whether to follow?
The uncertainity of leaving?
The longing that overwhelms
As soon as the parting words are whispered?
The tears that roll unstopped?
The sadness enveloping like a blanket?
The immesurable ache to have you close?
Feeling everything and yet nothing?
The hope I cling to that you will return?
The empty days,countless minutes that roll on?
The anticipation that you might not come back?
What is so good about the goodbye?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wanjiku Mwaurah

you are one of a kind
i find your pen superior
it writes and writes
it glides and glides
its more that kilometric
that pen that wrote so well

where do you buy your ink?
does it come with so much thought?
does the ink bear so much feeling?
I wonder
where can i buy mine?
i wonder
is there a path on the paper
that speaks to the ink
to dry in certain format?

live forever
live forever
live forever

Monday, August 24, 2009

What matters

I am sinking in the river that is raging
Slowly drowning
Its so hard to stand on sinking sand
My feet need to find solid ground
Will I ever rise to breathe easy again
I wanna know why
I just wanna understand why
Will I ever know why?
How could this be from Your hand?
I am trembling in the darkness of my fear
All the questions without answers
So grip me while I am here
And I may never know why
I may not understand
But I will trust in Your plan
And when it seems the walls of my beliefs
Come crashing down like they are made of sand
I wont let go of You now
Because I know
You're not shaken
You're my constant
My rock, my solid ground
My unchanging

Friday, August 21, 2009

The library has burnt down

Excuses, many a number,
Everyday, everyday.
A library, a pen, a notebook
Just falls
Into a bonfire....
Lit with lazy ease
Ten times i see you run
Reminiscing over your literary past
Each time i hear you say
Your collection
Your heritage
Has burnt down again

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Because of why

Because of why?
I am too self centred
and I have standards for you
so my eyes see but what i want you to be

because of why?
your tongue not mine needs to be bridled
tantrums? no way
keep smiling...only then you'll remain an angel

because of why?
Puulliiise...am not about to cry or weep because You are
Comfort? comfort? comfort? this comfort not from me
I crave the one I saw...the one who attracted me first

Because of Why

Monday, July 20, 2009

Something different

I saw you from across the street and had to do a double take
You looked so familiar and I was sure I knew you but didnt recognise you
There was something different about you
A sense of all brand new
The airs around you
The ring in your laughter
The confidence you exuded
The manner in which you carried yourself
I was looking at a total transformation
So long gone was the uneasy girl
The one who looked uncomfortable in their own skin
The broken little girl
Whose eyes told of horrors unknown
For those who cared to look deeper
With bent over shoulders
That seemed to bear the weight of the world
A world riddled with unimaginable pain and misery
The silly me couldnt help but cry
Not out of sorrow
But Joy beyond words
For the light shinning in you
Could light up the darkest of corners
How you laughed at my fussing
Then you said thank you
And I didnt understand
For I had no part in this
It was always within you
To walk away
To choose life
To move forward
And not look back
No, thank you
For allowing me to share
In this great miracle
The miracle of you
So baby go ahead and smile
Cos when you do, you sure do light up the world

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not sure

What is the medicine that can be applied on a friend who is a bit confused....? Ok it is a she. She is a girl and a friend. So because i knew what you'd think if straight away i said girlfriend, i have avoided letting you in on that.

There are many reasons she's confused. Her boyfriend of two years wont attend her graduation...so now you know she is in college....the damsels' distraught. She has been faithful to this her guy and she feels let down.

So today she calls me up. A side kick is coming up in her life. She's missed sex and binge...she wants these two so bad...so she's a friend, am not sure whether to feel jealous, warn her against it, nudge her on etc, but she really sounds like she's not going to be in for a break until her pal takes her out..so i encourage her to go out with him but take care....expecting her to read in between the lines...then i see on fb her status is like...'i must have IT this weekend'....then a few hours later the status is changed to 'f***'...and a few guys dash to her wall and they are asking....me?, me?, me?...

So as i type this for reading by you, i am asking, do you think am jealous or protective by trying to tell her to go but be careful...is someone able to really drink and still be sane? I know her parents would die if the truth came out. So yes...blogthren...share your thoughts...

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Since I am becoming an avowed admirer of nice pieces, here is one stolen from here

Lionel Richie feat Akon - Just Go Lyrics

(Lionel Richie)
It’d be so nice (nice nice)
If you didn’t have to feel so lonely
It’d be so nice (nice nice)
If I could sneak you for a moment

I know you like to get away, go away, far away
To a place where there’s just us two
Got a busy day, everyday but not today
Cause I’m here to take that stress from you

So you can just chill and clear your head
And let me do everything for you cause you deserve it
Prepare your meal and make your bed
Well let just first make this with youcause you are so worth it

(Akon)I just want us to go go go
Drop everything and just go go go
I just want us to go go go
Drop everything and just go go go

(Lionel Richie)How would you like to sail away in the Bahamas?
(Just you and me, girl)
So far out in the sea where nobody can find you
(Just the end of the world)

Cause there is no rush for you to come back and face the rain
Cause there is plenty sunshine where I pickin’ you
And I’m here to reduce the pain
I know you like to get away, go away, far away

To a place where there’s just us two
Got a busy day, everyday but not today
Cause I’m Here to take that stress from you
So you can just chill and clear your head
And let me do everything for you cause you deserve it
Prepare your meal and make your bed
Well let just first make this with you cause you are so worth it

(Akon)I just want us to go go go
Drop everything and just go go go
I just want us to go go go
Drop everything and just go go go

(Lionel Richie)Just imagine when you tired and
Layin’ by my side and
Sippin’ on some wine while I stand in massage and
Releasein’ all your tension I couldn’t handle a time and

My job is to keep my baby smilin’
So you can just chill
And clear your head
And let me do everything for you cause you deserve it

Prepare your meal and make your bed
Well let just first make this with you cause you are so worth it

(Akon)I just want us to go go go
Drop everything and just go go go
I just want us to go go go
Drop everything and just go go go
I just want us to go go go
Drop everything and just go go go
I just want us to go go go
Drop everything and just go go go

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nothing to say

Several times
I wrote to a friend of mine
he ignored
he kept quiet
he, an old aquaintance
we did ministry
worked together
lived together
competed together
He taught me how to sing
but no matter what i tell him
he does not say anything
is there something i did?
me do not know
if i made him mad
or its only because
my old friend simply has
nothing to say

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Decade

Time goes by, hurried, slow, it moves on noticed or unnoticed.

There have been graduations, first jobs, weddings, births and even deaths

Outwardly life has moved on as it should but on the inside, time stood still cos some things dont change

Like the gaping holes in our hearts which you occupied and how much you are missed each day.

You were missed when D n J walked down the aisle on their weddings days- you would have been so proud.

You were missing on the graduations and your "well done" speech that you always wrote down so you wouldnt forget any detail.

Your strength that we always counted on was missing when we lost Ry

I would give anything to see you with Sandie, she is so adorable and such a joy.

You've been gone a while now and I smile whenever I think of where you are is where you always wanted to be and I bet it feels good to feel the weight of this world off your shoulders now.

But I see you all around me, in the unassuming manner of the boys and some of their mannerisms, in the gentleness of J and the protectiveness of D. Little reminders of who you were.

So dont be mad if I cry but it just hurts so bad sometimes and I am long done in asking the question why cos I guess the answer is for another time.

I pray with every tear and am thankful for the time I held you here

I wanna live my life just like you did

Make most of my time just like you did

I want to make my home up in the skies just like you did

But until I get there, save a place for me cos I will be there someday

Friday, June 5, 2009

...Some ding I say?

Neglected I see..........mmmh my blog i mean
until some unsolicited mail from fb came through...hahahaha....Shiko Msa saw it...twas yours truly.......anyway, i dont remember sending some mail to my blog.....

Seeing my lack of something to say, I decided to steal this from here

In fish market on Jalan Pearl
I meet a nice and plitty girl,
so then I say,
"New bike today!
We have adventure? Give it whirl!"

She look at me and then my bike
(coz no two bike they look alike);
she say to me
"Don't know your fee
but you can save me big long hike.

"So then I say (not want bad luck)
"You no ploblem wid two duck?
She look surplise
and blink her eyes
and call me ding what sound like 'schmuck'.

I have slight ploblem wid my 'd's
they make me sound like dumb Chinese
I try say 'duck'which sound like 'suck'
and so she sit between my knees!

I only try to make a clack
about my sucks,
they on the back
so if she hear
a sound bit queer

then it just all my sucks go QUACK
I don't know why she sit that way...
maybe she think that how she pay
for this short ride
...okay, I lied!...
maybe we stay on road all day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Gym Session

I decided a while ago to use the company's many benefits and got myself and two of my friends registered at a gym. Now before you go thinking I am some health freak, I would like to make it known that I hate exercising and dieting. All the craze about losing weight or gaining it grinds on me. However I am forced to get my heart pumping at a faster rate than usual once in a while for medic reasons.

Anyhu the gym is fab top of the range stuff but what got me is that there are male and female areas divided by some reflecting mirrors as if you would like to look at yourself when you all hot and sweaty. My good old friend changes into her gear carries her water bottle and a mag and sits close to me reading and chatting while I work the treadmill.She is there for moral support she says. Other day my other friend who is a guy picked my towel by mistake so I went to retrieve it( its allowed to venture on both sides). When I turned round to head back, I could see the whole of the girls section. Turns out that the guys can see us but we cant see them.

I found this thoroughly amusing and it got funnier when I thought of all the stuff OTHER gals had done thinking it was an all gals space and there was no male audience. The guys begged me not to say anything as the view motivated them to get on with keeping fit. I am torn should I tell or shouldn't I tell n why the heck is it ok for them to watch us n not for us to watch them????????

Well next time I am choosing a treadmill that faces backwards so they can watch my back as I try to decide whether to blow the whistle or not

Monday, May 4, 2009


Seeing that the fellow KK found Me to be honest, i must tell it as it is. It is my weakness to be too honest. My attempt to do otherwise ALWAYS catches up with me...like if i tell you i've never lied....or stolen....or committed the attrocity to some commandments....am honest....I (did) probably doing all that Even now.

So I am the proud holder of this award. Reminds me recently while attending some awards session for banks in Kenya, I was hoping and praying that they would call my bank. Being the senior most person from my bank then, i was imagining how i'd walk down the aisle to the stage...almost imagining that i'd walk dancing and show some inward dancing moves....never mind that i cant rate my dancing...somehow in public my body stiffles up and i cant dance no more...So yes, my bank was a winner......but i almost tripped as i walked down...I blame the DJ....he did not synchronise me well with some 'stand up for the champions' by Right Said Fred. Hehehehe...

So I wish to look at ten things about me.....To avoid being more like a boring MC....'now we are going to see so and so and they are going to present this and that and it is about those and them and they are going to do that and this', I will try to be short and juicy...

So yes KK THANKS For the (s)crap.

  1. I am a man......got to qualify this....I am a MAN....ok ok i share this blog with two beautiful women, Extravagantgrace and Charm.....but joyunspeakable is a man....a few of you have refered to me as her....she.....she(joyunspeakable) is a HE.

  2. I sing alot.....I still think that one day I'll beat nameless and Eric Wainaina at it...I get depressed when I see am older than them by far and still not as good as they are....but hey i can do music....I've not played the piano for the last two years though....and am hopping to play sax and violin......honest.....i'll be turning forty next year and life as they say begins at....watch this space for new talent.

  3. I am hard of head...Yes...they asked me in an interview I attended last year what my weakness was and i told them hard-headedness....the fellows went ahead to give me a poor offer and expected me to change my mind? I dont win debates for nothing.....

  4. at first sight...maybe forever...i appear very proud, full of myself, a-care-for-nothing-else snob.....I learn this everyday with those who care to chat with me. They get to know me and they get shocked.....am approachable after all

  5. too lenghthy preaching bores me...whether written or spoken, even stories that dont change in focus after a while lose me.....am not a stickler to the bold and beautiful....the long preachings found in daily facebook devotionals really drive me crazy....am a brief person. I talk for five minutes if am asked to speak for 5....why the heck should i blubber a point I made 20 minutes ago? why do you think i should listen to you for so long...phhhlease...i switched off when the Spirit told me you had veared off(read TIRED).....keeping on the point above, One day i want to train preachers to introduce 5 sec commercial talk that will yield more than the one hour sermon ....'bibilia inasema.....alipitia katikati yao na hawakumuona'. (SWAHILI FOR bible says he passed in their midst but they did not see him).

  6. I love sex long and explicit........AND yes am married with two brightest kids.....

  7. I have worked for close to 19 years now....I did my undergraduate while still working. I am toying with postgraduate course...i work close to 12 hours per day...my first pay was only Kshs 700/= only of which I would pay 350/= to the landlord....I once lived in Swahili house whose neighbour was better endowed than me and whose cookery of meat smell while would float over my house....trouble is I would afford unga for ugali and onions, so it was common to fry water with onions......and salt!!!! Since my house and my neighbours shared a wall and had no ceiling, a friend of mine who was living off me would help me say......'mmmh na hii nyama ni poa' (as in this meat really tastes nice) then we would wave our ugali up to catch a whiff-bit of the air flowing from my neighbours house.....

  8. Mugithi does it for me......if there was any music i love dancing to....you got it right....No...am no kikuyu.......

  9. I have flown a few times.......locally......I still die for an opportunity to fly out of Kenya and be in the sky for 14 hours........

  10. I am diabetic...just in case you see me behaving funny in your midst in a state of confusion....just give me a sweet....and i will be alright....really!

now for this, i dont care if you have been tagged again.....i start from my favourite......no no......just no order...

the following have been noted and prized with Honest Weblog.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Joy Unspeakable

Shiko wrote a quote from here and I was elated...

men that Ruth Gendler is something with all them qualities and am gonna look for the book to read.

Now Joyunspeakable...
not me but the real one
Yes that one that is not happenstance
you know the one that is deep
So deep that you cant go under it
So wide that you cant go round it
so high that you cant get over it...

I saw my beloved and I was happy
I saw a mark of approval and my face beamed
I heard them praising me and what a feeling
they applauded me...yeah
Man of the moment
so they said

Then the day passed....
the waters went dry.....
the birds of the forest ran away
No chirping, no laughter
dryness everywhere
It was not happening
The frogs died

How can I justify a smile
when am broke
and no one is for me
am not on the winning edge
I have grown older
My wrinkles show
My face tells nothing
but pity, sadness, hopelessness

like the light of day
that fails not in the tropics
Oh how warm
the lovely sunshine from it
the youthfulness and splendour
Nothing like it
Happiness everlasting
Not from happenings
Joy forever

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kuku Wewe

Just when i was preparing to go to work this morning my five year old son looked at me smiling and calls me 'kuku wewe'

It happened to me today. My son, smiled and called me that....and I had to wonder, is it too much tv news watching on obako? Is it that am that weak as in he sees a chicken in me? Is it that he just learnt the phrase and thought 'hey this is a nice one to surprise dad with' or Is it that he thinks himself a kuku's relative.

As a matter of fact I just had to ask him 'hey son, what does that make you be? A kuku's son?' He remained mumm...still smiling.....I feel like spanking him but that smile is too innocent so i let him go......for a while...cos my neighbours' kid comes calling me and tells me that my son(again?) has called her some funny name....Now is my turn to revenge or so i feel...then i call the kid to come over. He had sensed danger and had run to the sitting room to hide.....I call him...two..three..fouRTH time (note emphasis on 4th time for the pitch of my voice)....the boy comes wearing that cheeky smile again...am disarmed....ok the boy has to learn some manners...so i hold him by the ear..no...not pinch......just so that i can have an eye to eye contact with him. My pitch is still high as am talking to him......'it's wrong to call others names son, apologise and don't do that again'.

That leaves him feeling reeeaaaal bad...am not sure if to be happy at the discipline measure i've used. I plead with him to hug me as i go to work. He does so half heartedly....

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Imagine Black forest cake
hairy, many bushes, trees bake
treasure Island not fake
Raisins in it sweet i take

pleasure hides in there
sweetness dwells in here
sugar deep down there
chocolate taste out of this world

I hold my knife in my hands
the cake inviting and daring
the sharp of it to penetrate
black forest cake's pleasure
is to be eaten up

My knife eager to slice you
to cut through your softness
feel the power of your sweetness
feel the crisp of the fruit raisins in you

My tongue trembles after you
Saliva full in the mouth
anticipating the whole
not minding the sugar levels

My tongue your tremble does feel
how fragile you are.....so supple
completely weak as my knife slices you
Limb and resigned from declining
you too wanna go down my mouth

Friday, April 3, 2009

You threw my underwear away

Tatters..covered nothing
rugged...had grown discloured
smelly....you said it was
disused.....had seen better days
you threw my underwear away....

litters...all the years...frothing
mugged..like it was marred
silly...oops.... alas!
abused...had been bitter days
you threw my underwear away...

Ill fitting you said it was
exposing all my wares, made you embarassed
I grew to love it....
like the moon doesn't forget its place at night
so was my underwear to me

Saunters...not caring for a thing
bagged in by a craving so tarred
billy the he goat as he often does
loosed kid bin litter diss
My underwear thrown away

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Life is made up of unknowns
we must never lose sight of hope
we must be broken from familiar ground
cos on that familiar ground is complacency
Laziness, bigotry, pride, i-know-it-all...
but rarely do we
have everything we want
never shall we stop needing

so while you shy away lest you be shamed
men and women like you and me born
swim off all the turbulent waves
and recover in more ways than one everything stolen and lost

here, near you

Monday, March 30, 2009



There's a sizzling chemistry between us

Its crazy! ...
I think of every moment
We were together
I can feel the sensation in my body.
To have you swim in the flesh...

Oh, I'd die with pleasure...

But you have to promise
That you'll not walk
Away from me after that...
and leave me
Loving you and hating you
For loving me and leaving me..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Re: sad today?


this is dedicated to you.

Perhaps it was the pull on language
your blog made it known to us
what it is to be a kenyan
hard habits die hard
Perharps ours is the heritage
that tells us to expect a bus
load full of kenylon
bad habits die hard
now i keep following your message
a feed i have on you became has..
became 'has been' was fashion
fad you created will die hard
Come back....your words will massage
or make us laugh loads
your sayings a battalion
anaa day desserted

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I'm the one with two left feet standing on a lonely street
I cant even walk a straight line
And very time you look at me I'm spinning like an autumn leaf
Bound to hit the bottom sometime
Where would I be without someone to save me
Someone who wont let me fall
You are everything that I believe for
Everything that I cant believe is happening
You're standing right infront of me with arms wide open
All I know is everyday is filled with hope
Cos you are everything that I believe for
And I cant help but breathe you in, breathe again
Feeling all this life within every single beat of my haeart
I'm the one with big mistakes, big regrets and bigger breaks
Than I ever care to confess
But you're the one who looks at me and sees what I was meant to be
More than just a beautiful mess
You're everything good in my life
Everything honest and true
And all of thos stars hanging up in the sky
Could never shine brighter than you.....you are everything

Saturday, February 7, 2009

you are the love of my life

Ur my one true love. U fill my heart with longing for u, ur touch, ur special embrace, ur smile that tells me i belong. Ur actions towards me that tell me u never tire of me. Nothing in me makes u think am crazy, though i often see myself as such. U have loved me, sorouded me with great belief, trust n confidence. Ur not like the rest. U give enough reasons to love u over n over again. Many times my love to u is wanting. It does not sacrifice as u did. It does not give back to u as u did. Am selfish. I only come to u wen in need. Other times i just satisfy myself with the world around me. I forget it is ur riches am enjoying, ur grace that am spending, which u have issued to me like a blank cheque. U keep giving me showers of ur blessings. I love u but my love falls short..just like i fall short of ur glory. U have stood ur ground to defend me. U have made me ur jewel, the apple of ur eye. Am so blessed to be ur own my love.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

If I was God

If I was God, I'd move around. I observe. I love the sound. My motive. To be profound. Mysteries to solve...' true to this i believe many times i want to be the most wise, the most important. I see others..they are all wrong. Who thought like that...they could have thought differently....the rest are all sinners worthy of punishment. They are gossips, idlers, i condemn them to utter darkness....they fornicate...the others. They kill... Them...they are hypocrites..those...they are in the list of hell....i observed all along i knew they were doomed to fail...excommunicate Them...they need to expelled from the community of believers...exterminate the vermin...they are drunkards...So, on and on i love playing God. I love passing judgement. I love finding others guilty. Am happy if my friends are caught in trouble. I play God....but this is all vanity. Cos without mercy, forgiveness and love i am nothing....lets then quit playing God and offer true restoration and reconciliation to those who we deem to be far from grace... Yes......as 'I move around. I should observe. I sound love only. My motive love only. profound joy will come wen there are Mysteries to solve...'

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Note: Romans 8:28 all things work together for good to those who love God, and to those who are called according to his purpose. Be happy for who ur. U can think. Thank God. It is an ability given specially to you. U can comprehend. Surely you are kept here on earth for far greater things than you know. Nothing from God comes cheaply. We Have to work for it. Kings search for things which are not clear. Do u know which mysteries are hidden in you? There are mysteries hidden in you. Do you know what gates are open for you? There are gates in your life, some closed, others open. Is there a point where the gates are continually open? We have the keys but sometimes the fact that we have the keys is useless if we dont know where to use them. Which key is for which gate? Its for you to find out TODAY...no eye has seen wat God is about to do. No ear has heard. I was put together for such a time as this.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

in love

I die and resurrect at your call and talk and words. Who is so attuned to my needs like you are?
Only you mean so much. am just so helpless at you. Do I need help?...
No...I'd rather have you carry my heart cos I know its safe and nothing's gonna spoil on it.
 Am in love and my heart knows it too well

Monday, January 5, 2009

Do I like controversy?

I kinda like bashin guys n that makes me feel good wen they bash me too n it becomes a boxin ring. Maybe i make up for my size wen i was young. Everyone used to threaten me. The fact that i can now win a war on words is amazing.... Or so i think.

Thanks to my nice cousins tim n sam i can engage a constructive war of words....maybe its destructive. However i remember my young days wit nostalgic fear.

There was this beautiful girl in class four who took the pride off me. Cos instead of cowing down wen i asked her an intimidating question she stood as though to tell me if i ask another question i'd be mince meat. The girl dared me? I felt insulted. A crowd gathered and started encouraging the unimaginable. I had never fought before. Infact i used to run away. Now here all the boys n girls have declared a world war to be fought by me and Mucece. That was her name. Sadly?? the school bell rang..was i not glad.?but then one guy decided the fight wud be rescheduled for the evening. My ego agreed. I was in it. Mucece agreed too. Was she not made of steel or something?

Anyhu, the hearts beat in anticipation of the big fight. For me all my life was at stake. Cos how wud i live after bein congestinad? As in a girl beatin a man. So all the boys and girls gathered around us to witness wat was deemed to be the big fight. Joyunspeakable was deemed to be a weaklin poor thing......now mucece was supposed to challenge me by hittin 'njota ya baba', and she did. She hit the little pebble on my hand. That was deemed to be an alkaida of sorts. I hit her. She responded. Deep within me and within 10 seconds to the fight i knew she was stronger and could probably beat me. I registered fear in me but i cud not run....so i used the only weapon i had...i had long nails. I disfigured her face. She kept hittin me. I kept makin her ugly..the next day her mom came askin me why i beat her angel whom she was groomin me a wife for... It was a stalemate.

So now u know why i love controversies that will not win by anyone..... All who in need of a fight say aye...

Monday, December 1, 2008


Once upon a time extravagant grace wrote...

I carry your heart with me(I carry it in
my heart)
I am never without it(anywhere
I go you go,my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
I fear no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)
I want no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

I carry your heart(I carry it in my heart)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Peace of mind

There's a peace I've come to know

Though my heart and flesh may fail

There's an anchor for my soul

I can say that it is well

You have overcome

This is where I draw my strength

The victory is won

I can see the dawning of a new day

So I will rise when you call my name

No more sorrow, no more pain

Cos you took them all

And placed them on your shoulders

Now I can be free

Living in total victory

This is what it feels to be held

To know that I will be more than fine

This is what it feels to be certain

To know that when its all broken down I will survive

This is what it feels to have peace

Peace beyond understanding

So I rest assured in this knowledge

In this great discovery of truth

My hope is found in you alone

Monday, October 27, 2008

A moment

There you go shifting my sands again
Just when I was getting comfortable
Liking what I see, you turn me upside down
I never know where we are heading
I am running blind, scared, petrified
Its more than I let on
What will tomorrow unfold?
I'm helpless and the feeling is not welcome
Its a great inconvenience on time and the plan
I want out, I want it back the way it was
So stop the world and let me get out
I just need a moment to catch my breathe
Stop the world, I'm running on empty
I need a moment just to hear your voice
Remind me that you will always be there
Tell me of your great strength and I need not fear
Let me feel your gentleness that calms my raging seas
Whisper softly to this heart of mine that is crying out to you
Make me whole, make me new
I need to be fixed, mended, made complete
Please take it all away from me
Cos I'm crumbling under the weight
Barely holding on, its out of my hands
It's out of my reach
It's over my head
And its out of my league
There's too many things
That I don't understand
So its in your will
And its out of my hands

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Something borrowed, a timeless classic

Faithful one, so unchanging
Ageless one, You're my prince of peace
Lord of all, I depend on you
I call out to You, again and again
I call out to You, again and again

You are my Rock in times of trouble
You lift me up when I fall down
All through the storm
You're love is the Anchor
My hope is in You alone

Monday, October 6, 2008

Here is to Daddy

Spoke to mum on my birthday and she says baby girl, you are all grown up now,
Daddy would be so proud of the fine young woman you have become.
So that day I thought of all the days I wished that you hadnt gone away.
The day I finished my finals, my graduation, when I got my first job,
I miss you every day but more so on all my first days of everything.

I however thought to myself that I would remember you different that day.
I would remember why you meant the world to me
The reason why after so many years, am still not over you

I thought of how we talked about eveything
How we couldnt understand why mum was always late even though she got up the earliest
How you just let me be when I went into my moods
The way you laughed at funny things I said
The way you celebrated my achievements and picked me up when I didnt do so well
How you couldnt wait to have me back home when I went away
The way you gave me wings to fly and achieve my dreams
How you believed in me mostly when I wasnt so sure of myself
The way you set me straight when I was wrong
Your wisdom and outlook on life when I needed guidance
For letting me find and stand my own feet

I guess I could go on forever but the most important thing that you did is introducing me to the greatest friend there is to know.
So when I miss you so much it hurts to breath, I talk to this friend of ours and let Him know how much it hurts cos He understands.

I pray each day that somehow you are able to see me and share in my days though I cant see you.
If you were here this is what I would like to say " though I am all grown up now, I will always be your little girl".

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I need my freedom

Who will let me out of this dreary relationship?
I am so in need of freedom.
Been in it for over a decade.

am tired and tired and tired of it.....


I love theatre....now this group in Nairobi mostly at Alliance F..these guys are the craziest.

they teem with talent. they are a cut above in things comical. The Info below is about a play they are restaging....its a must watch if you are in Nairobi....

'Heartstrings Kenya, the top most theatre group in Kenya is back with the world's most acclaimed comedy "OUT OF ORDER"
Directed by Vic and Sam
Dates: 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 Sept 2008
Venue: Alliance Francaise
Times: 6.30pm weekdays, 3 & 6.30pm weekend
Charges: 500/=

There is a whole government delegation that has attended a world conference abroad and such a setting never lacks sideshows going on behind the scenes in the hotel they are booked in. When Richard (Larry Asego), a Government Minister, plans to spend the evening with Jane (Chao Mkamzee), one of the Opposition's typists, things go disastrously wrong in this hugely successful, brilliant, lunatic, wildly funny when the Coalition Government finally turns and becomes Cohabitation Government

Heartstrings Kenya Ensemble is Nairobi's leading semi repertoire performing arts company with the reputation for witty, quality conventional theatrical performances touching on social issues, since 1996.

Heartstrings Kenya Ensemble,
P.O. BOX 43321-00100,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'll be found in you

There's distance in the air and I cannot make it leave
I wave my arms round about me and blow with all my might
I cannot sense you close though I know you're always here
But the comfort of you near is what I long for

When i cant feel you, I have learned to reach out the same
When I cant hear you, I know you still hear every word I pray
And as I wait for you, maybe I'm made more faithful

All the folly of the past though I know its undone
I still feel the guilty one still trying to make it right
So I whisper soft your name and let it roll around my toungue
Knowing you're the only one who knows the real me

Show me how I should live this, show me where I should walk
I count this world as loss to me cos you are all I want
When the world has fallen from under me
I'll be found in you still standing
When the sky rolls up and mountains fall on their knees
when the time and space are through, I'll still be found in you.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Doing it my way

Sometimes my life just don't make sense at all
The mountains look so big and my faith just seems so small
When I wake up in the night I feel the dark
Its so hot inside my soul, I swear there must be blisters on my heart

Surrender don't come natural to me
This stubborn heart of mine is bent on taking the solo road
But I've beat my head against so many walls
I wonder what would it hurt to let go this time
Your grace rings out so deep it makes my resistance seem so weak

So hold me Jesus cause I'm shaking like a leaf
You have been king of my glory now wont you be my Prince of peace?

Take the wheel, take it from my hands cause I cant do this on my own
I'm letting go so give me one more chance and save me from this road I'm on

Monday, August 4, 2008

Broken Pieces, Hurts by a trusted Friend

Dear friend

I have to write this mail painfully to you. I came to you as a friend and sought your help.
To do business for a while from your quarters
little did i know i'd go through what am going through now.
The period i stayed with you is in no doubt a beautiful recollection
of the times we had together,
We played golf together...the boys day out we had together
and all the fun of watching drama unfold right before us,
entertainment and the music and the works.
It was something I’ve always been grateful about.

I came to work with you of my own voluntary basis.
No one forced me to it and I was glad you came through for me that way.

Yet I have heard things said to have emanated from you.
Things which if I had known they would be letting me go through the current pain am in I’d have thought twice before I came to you
You are buddies with my principal partner.
My partner knows from you that when I was working with you i'd come to the work late every day........Reaally???????????
You and my partner hatched out a plan......supposedly to capture the lose me and keep the dog in its kernel
You sat down together with my partner and planned to reign on this my behavior,
supposedly I was always out late with time wasters....(read women-[no mention if they added value to the business or not]) and always taking them out for movies and places etc.
I am shocked that the underlying reason for purpoting to help me get my own premises was not at all about me being independent but your warped concern that i was squandering my partners resources with the supposed time wasters.

Friend, this is the information you used to give to my partner, I understand.
But you went ahead and passed it to a third party....like you bragging about it that you and my partner did organise things....,that you made sure i was joined by some workers who would pry on me.....
that as if that was not enough you organised so that my partners accounts assistants would join me so that i'd be compelled to spend more time with them and moreover they would check my waywardness
I feel grossly misrepresented, and moreover much abused by your actions.

When I came to you,
I did tell you that I was choosing you, so that I could be accountable to you for everything.
On this basis, whenever I was out, I’d tell you where I was,
not because I was bent on doing evil as it has been purported but to let you know as a brothers keeper;
that way I knew I was in a better position to be sensible in all I did.
Many times you brought up the subject of money and asked my opinion and I gave you my true opinion.
In other words, I was keeping it real with you. For you to misrepresent these facts to your friend and to others whom I may not know, this is truly heartbreaking.

I endeavored to go with you for many lunch dates and business functions.
In my view, it was always a man to man talk and walk. I don’t remember once recommending anything that would make for inchastity.
Oh man of immense integrity it looks like in those times of questions and queries, your only interest was to catch me on something and tell the Corporate auditor about it.

You, YOU forget that that You have shared many things with me that I have not shared with anyone. Tell me what would happen to you if i broke my silence about your little sins?
You my accountability partner, I feel wronged grossly by you.
Using the info i gave you day by day, you presented it to my partner in such a way my partner thought I was lying to them and therefore used your words to try to catch me in the wrong.
NOW the taxman is on my neck.....she demands that i show the true expenses that were for the company and those for me as an individual.
The good book teaches us how to correct erring people.
You needed to let me know exactly where I went wrong before you spoke to people about me. Maybe you told my partner so that i get sorted and know how to behave?????.
But why do you go telling people about how you people came up with this plan; that you arranged so that I could stop being out for most of the time? Did you consider the business i was doing out that time?

My dear Partner....You have chosen the way to walk in and who to believe in.
My pal has made you his slave mentally.
I am truly shocked by this information I have received.
I now understand why you have been asking a thousand and one questions about my operations...
from today i wont answer any.........just let your friend tell you what he knows.

Many thanks for this misrepresentation.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another day

Wake up to the sunlight with the windows open
Dont hold in your anger or leave things unspoken
Wear your red dress, use your best dishes
Make a big mess and make lots of wishes
Have what you want but want what you have
And dont spend your life looking back

So go to the ballgames and go to the ballet
Go see your folks not just in the holidays
Hold all your loved ones, and love who you are
Dont hold on to hurts just let them go
Dont run from the truth cos you cant get away
Just face it and you'll be okay

Turn up the music, turn it up loud
Take a few chances, let it all out
Cos you wont regret looking back from where you've been
Cos its not who you knew, or what you did its how you lived

Wherever you are, wherever you've been
Now is the time to begin, make peace with God
And make pece with yourself cos in the end there is no one else

I thank God therefore for another day, another chance
To love the ones I love, to find my way
To laugh, to dance, to watch the sun come up
Another day I get to live as if every breath could be the last I take
I get another day

Monday, April 28, 2008

Dry cleaning ties

I have a collection of nice ties, some given as presents and some bought by myself. Most of them have been bought from our AFFORDABLE warehouses, otherwise called the HAWKERS at 50/= bob.

Now on Saturday, i tried to have them dry cleaned and the good guys at the Laundry want to charge me at 65/= a piece.........

I dont think this is fair........

Do i wash clean them or do i buy new ties?