Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Life is made up of unknowns
we must never lose sight of hope
we must be broken from familiar ground
cos on that familiar ground is complacency
Laziness, bigotry, pride, i-know-it-all...
but rarely do we
have everything we want
never shall we stop needing

so while you shy away lest you be shamed
men and women like you and me born
swim off all the turbulent waves
and recover in more ways than one everything stolen and lost

here, near you


Screamer said...

Allow me to try this on your blog. check my comment on your previous post if you haven't. A little poetry.

Remember when we were stuck out on the cold,
under the weak shelter during that thunderstorm?
When I looked deep into your eyes, and you moved so close?
When the world seemed deserted, it was just me and you Rose,
If only I could have gathered courage, the words I would have blurted...

When you held me, my hair stood and goose bumps formed,
You a heroin, you saved me by your looks I swear,
But you don't know, so I hang in the loser's square,
If you'da been mine,I wouldn't let you go, sincere!

Now this is partly a true story. That's the only way I can be true to my writing... See, I'm not complex, you can right away get what I'm saying. Looking forward to learning from you.

joyunspeakable said...


this is are a great poet too and i really appreciate such imagery and twist with words.

todays piece was a reply inspired by another poem i read on facebook :

Violent Seas - TaprootShare
Today at 1:59pm

Standing on a land unknown interpreting the same
Believing in a chance of hope and see it slowly fade
It's breaking far away replacing what I'm made of

Looking for a way to show that I'm
Searching for a faith who knows that I'm
Screaming for a place to go, 'cause I'm drowning in the violent seas
of being force fed societies
Shallow end of misery please take me away 'cause I can't
Stay looking for a way to show that i'm okay
Screaming for a place like home

Treading in the fears I own of ending up ashamed
While cornered in this life and prone
By overbearing waves
That steal what I have saved replacing what I gave up

Away, far away

Shiko-Msa said...

oops. I'm no poet but I'm enjoying this immensely. Maybe you two could teach me? No wait. It's inborn.

gladys said...

Nice piece