Monday, October 12, 2009

Jimmy Choo

My first day back to work after an amazing holiday in the sun. Sun is out but the air is crisp cold. Favourite outfit on and to top it, my new Jimmy's a birthday gift from a dear friend. Oh yeah it was my birthday the end of last month , the celebrations are still stretching on and I had a blast mmmmmmh the memories..... but I digress

The girl was looking good and feeling good, the sun does work wonders indeed. Hadnt felt that energetic and enthused for a while. Checked into work, run a few errands and decided to pay my bank a visit. Havent been in a branch for months courtesy of internet banking but since I was in town thought I would do it the old fashioned way.

That went pretty well untill I walked out of the building and crossed the road which was clear at the time, I checked because I have been known to step out into traffic whilst busy on the phone. Halfway across my precious shoe heel gets stuck in a manhole or was it a drain? No idea but the point is I was stuck and traffic started building up. I didnt want to yank the heel and damage my gorgeous shoe( I am a shoe fanatic...thats the only thing I think I obsess over). so I fumbled with the straps and claps to get it off and that wasnt working with my hands full of paperwork.

I didnt dare look up cos I knew there was a queue of cars with impatient drivers who didnt give a damn about my stuck shoe. I was nearly in tears when a very nice gentleman got off his stunning Audi A5 sportback( Yes I can tell car makes and models not ur typical gal huh?) and asked if he could help. I appreciated this gesture untill he decided to pull my leg which would damage my shoe instead of trying to get it off my foot first then gently prise it off the hole it was stuck in. I asked him to hold my stuff while I took my shoe off and went on my knees to free it. By this time I had turned into some kind of a show with drivers getting off their cars to witness the hold up, passersby and guys from the bank who included my bank manager....he is never going to approve that loan now. This probably lasted a few minutes but it seemed like a decade of embarrassment.

Problem solved I was on my way rather hurriedly after thanking the kind gentleman whom I have bumped into too many times than I would like to mention after that incident. It seems like everywhere I go he shows up. Stalker???????