Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nothing to say

Several times
I wrote to a friend of mine
he ignored
he kept quiet
he, an old aquaintance
we did ministry
worked together
lived together
competed together
He taught me how to sing
but no matter what i tell him
he does not say anything
is there something i did?
me do not know
if i made him mad
or its only because
my old friend simply has
nothing to say

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Decade

Time goes by, hurried, slow, it moves on noticed or unnoticed.

There have been graduations, first jobs, weddings, births and even deaths

Outwardly life has moved on as it should but on the inside, time stood still cos some things dont change

Like the gaping holes in our hearts which you occupied and how much you are missed each day.

You were missed when D n J walked down the aisle on their weddings days- you would have been so proud.

You were missing on the graduations and your "well done" speech that you always wrote down so you wouldnt forget any detail.

Your strength that we always counted on was missing when we lost Ry

I would give anything to see you with Sandie, she is so adorable and such a joy.

You've been gone a while now and I smile whenever I think of where you are is where you always wanted to be and I bet it feels good to feel the weight of this world off your shoulders now.

But I see you all around me, in the unassuming manner of the boys and some of their mannerisms, in the gentleness of J and the protectiveness of D. Little reminders of who you were.

So dont be mad if I cry but it just hurts so bad sometimes and I am long done in asking the question why cos I guess the answer is for another time.

I pray with every tear and am thankful for the time I held you here

I wanna live my life just like you did

Make most of my time just like you did

I want to make my home up in the skies just like you did

But until I get there, save a place for me cos I will be there someday

Friday, June 5, 2009

...Some ding I say?

Neglected I see..........mmmh my blog i mean
until some unsolicited mail from fb came through...hahahaha....Shiko Msa saw it...twas yours truly.......anyway, i dont remember sending some mail to my blog.....

Seeing my lack of something to say, I decided to steal this from here

In fish market on Jalan Pearl
I meet a nice and plitty girl,
so then I say,
"New bike today!
We have adventure? Give it whirl!"

She look at me and then my bike
(coz no two bike they look alike);
she say to me
"Don't know your fee
but you can save me big long hike.

"So then I say (not want bad luck)
"You no ploblem wid two duck?
She look surplise
and blink her eyes
and call me ding what sound like 'schmuck'.

I have slight ploblem wid my 'd's
they make me sound like dumb Chinese
I try say 'duck'which sound like 'suck'
and so she sit between my knees!

I only try to make a clack
about my sucks,
they on the back
so if she hear
a sound bit queer

then it just all my sucks go QUACK
I don't know why she sit that way...
maybe she think that how she pay
for this short ride
...okay, I lied!...
maybe we stay on road all day!