Friday, June 5, 2009

...Some ding I say?

Neglected I see..........mmmh my blog i mean
until some unsolicited mail from fb came through...hahahaha....Shiko Msa saw it...twas yours truly.......anyway, i dont remember sending some mail to my blog.....

Seeing my lack of something to say, I decided to steal this from here

In fish market on Jalan Pearl
I meet a nice and plitty girl,
so then I say,
"New bike today!
We have adventure? Give it whirl!"

She look at me and then my bike
(coz no two bike they look alike);
she say to me
"Don't know your fee
but you can save me big long hike.

"So then I say (not want bad luck)
"You no ploblem wid two duck?
She look surplise
and blink her eyes
and call me ding what sound like 'schmuck'.

I have slight ploblem wid my 'd's
they make me sound like dumb Chinese
I try say 'duck'which sound like 'suck'
and so she sit between my knees!

I only try to make a clack
about my sucks,
they on the back
so if she hear
a sound bit queer

then it just all my sucks go QUACK
I don't know why she sit that way...
maybe she think that how she pay
for this short ride
...okay, I lied!...
maybe we stay on road all day!


Shiko-Msa said...

Oh yes there was an article here yesterday and I recall leaving a comment. Where did it go? Lol. good to see yours truly though.

That problem with the 'd' is certainly not a slight one! Lol this is funny.

Nairobian Perspective said...

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Anonymous said...

ok this pic got me laughing

Mama said...

Surely can that mama in the picture breathe? That's the real meaning of mateso bila chuki.

Anonymous said...

Thats a serious pic right there!