Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Joy Unspeakable

Shiko wrote a quote from here and I was elated...

men that Ruth Gendler is something with all them qualities and am gonna look for the book to read.

Now Joyunspeakable...
not me but the real one
Yes that one that is not happenstance
you know the one that is deep
So deep that you cant go under it
So wide that you cant go round it
so high that you cant get over it...

I saw my beloved and I was happy
I saw a mark of approval and my face beamed
I heard them praising me and what a feeling
they applauded me...yeah
Man of the moment
so they said

Then the day passed....
the waters went dry.....
the birds of the forest ran away
No chirping, no laughter
dryness everywhere
It was not happening
The frogs died

How can I justify a smile
when am broke
and no one is for me
am not on the winning edge
I have grown older
My wrinkles show
My face tells nothing
but pity, sadness, hopelessness

like the light of day
that fails not in the tropics
Oh how warm
the lovely sunshine from it
the youthfulness and splendour
Nothing like it
Happiness everlasting
Not from happenings
Joy forever

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kuku Wewe

Just when i was preparing to go to work this morning my five year old son looked at me smiling and calls me 'kuku wewe'

It happened to me today. My son, smiled and called me that....and I had to wonder, is it too much tv news watching on obako? Is it that am that weak as in he sees a chicken in me? Is it that he just learnt the phrase and thought 'hey this is a nice one to surprise dad with' or Is it that he thinks himself a kuku's relative.

As a matter of fact I just had to ask him 'hey son, what does that make you be? A kuku's son?' He remained mumm...still smiling.....I feel like spanking him but that smile is too innocent so i let him go......for a while...cos my neighbours' kid comes calling me and tells me that my son(again?) has called her some funny name....Now is my turn to revenge or so i feel...then i call the kid to come over. He had sensed danger and had run to the sitting room to hide.....I call him...two..three..fouRTH time (note emphasis on 4th time for the pitch of my voice)....the boy comes wearing that cheeky smile disarmed....ok the boy has to learn some i hold him by the pinch......just so that i can have an eye to eye contact with him. My pitch is still high as am talking to him......'it's wrong to call others names son, apologise and don't do that again'.

That leaves him feeling reeeaaaal not sure if to be happy at the discipline measure i've used. I plead with him to hug me as i go to work. He does so half heartedly....

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Imagine Black forest cake
hairy, many bushes, trees bake
treasure Island not fake
Raisins in it sweet i take

pleasure hides in there
sweetness dwells in here
sugar deep down there
chocolate taste out of this world

I hold my knife in my hands
the cake inviting and daring
the sharp of it to penetrate
black forest cake's pleasure
is to be eaten up

My knife eager to slice you
to cut through your softness
feel the power of your sweetness
feel the crisp of the fruit raisins in you

My tongue trembles after you
Saliva full in the mouth
anticipating the whole
not minding the sugar levels

My tongue your tremble does feel
how fragile you supple
completely weak as my knife slices you
Limb and resigned from declining
you too wanna go down my mouth

Friday, April 3, 2009

You threw my underwear away

Tatters..covered nothing
rugged...had grown discloured said it was
disused.....had seen better days
you threw my underwear away....

litters...all the years...frothing it was marred
silly...oops.... alas!
abused...had been bitter days
you threw my underwear away...

Ill fitting you said it was
exposing all my wares, made you embarassed
I grew to love it....
like the moon doesn't forget its place at night
so was my underwear to me

Saunters...not caring for a thing
bagged in by a craving so tarred
billy the he goat as he often does
loosed kid bin litter diss
My underwear thrown away

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Life is made up of unknowns
we must never lose sight of hope
we must be broken from familiar ground
cos on that familiar ground is complacency
Laziness, bigotry, pride, i-know-it-all...
but rarely do we
have everything we want
never shall we stop needing

so while you shy away lest you be shamed
men and women like you and me born
swim off all the turbulent waves
and recover in more ways than one everything stolen and lost

here, near you