Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Joy Unspeakable

Shiko wrote a quote from here and I was elated...

men that Ruth Gendler is something with all them qualities and am gonna look for the book to read.

Now Joyunspeakable...
not me but the real one
Yes that one that is not happenstance
you know the one that is deep
So deep that you cant go under it
So wide that you cant go round it
so high that you cant get over it...

I saw my beloved and I was happy
I saw a mark of approval and my face beamed
I heard them praising me and what a feeling
they applauded me...yeah
Man of the moment
so they said

Then the day passed....
the waters went dry.....
the birds of the forest ran away
No chirping, no laughter
dryness everywhere
It was not happening
The frogs died

How can I justify a smile
when am broke
and no one is for me
am not on the winning edge
I have grown older
My wrinkles show
My face tells nothing
but pity, sadness, hopelessness

like the light of day
that fails not in the tropics
Oh how warm
the lovely sunshine from it
the youthfulness and splendour
Nothing like it
Happiness everlasting
Not from happenings
Joy forever


Anonymous said...

wow....thanks for stopping by my page.

There is nothing like happiness. I would do anything to share this are you?

joyunspeakable said...

Oyin..i'm good..thanks for stopping by too...welcome to joyland

Shiko-Msa said...

It's a nice little book. Very easy to read. It's certainly something to have in your book case.