Monday, May 18, 2009

Gym Session

I decided a while ago to use the company's many benefits and got myself and two of my friends registered at a gym. Now before you go thinking I am some health freak, I would like to make it known that I hate exercising and dieting. All the craze about losing weight or gaining it grinds on me. However I am forced to get my heart pumping at a faster rate than usual once in a while for medic reasons.

Anyhu the gym is fab top of the range stuff but what got me is that there are male and female areas divided by some reflecting mirrors as if you would like to look at yourself when you all hot and sweaty. My good old friend changes into her gear carries her water bottle and a mag and sits close to me reading and chatting while I work the treadmill.She is there for moral support she says. Other day my other friend who is a guy picked my towel by mistake so I went to retrieve it( its allowed to venture on both sides). When I turned round to head back, I could see the whole of the girls section. Turns out that the guys can see us but we cant see them.

I found this thoroughly amusing and it got funnier when I thought of all the stuff OTHER gals had done thinking it was an all gals space and there was no male audience. The guys begged me not to say anything as the view motivated them to get on with keeping fit. I am torn should I tell or shouldn't I tell n why the heck is it ok for them to watch us n not for us to watch them????????

Well next time I am choosing a treadmill that faces backwards so they can watch my back as I try to decide whether to blow the whistle or not

Monday, May 4, 2009


Seeing that the fellow KK found Me to be honest, i must tell it as it is. It is my weakness to be too honest. My attempt to do otherwise ALWAYS catches up with if i tell you i've never lied....or stolen....or committed the attrocity to some honest....I (did) probably doing all that Even now.

So I am the proud holder of this award. Reminds me recently while attending some awards session for banks in Kenya, I was hoping and praying that they would call my bank. Being the senior most person from my bank then, i was imagining how i'd walk down the aisle to the stage...almost imagining that i'd walk dancing and show some inward dancing moves....never mind that i cant rate my dancing...somehow in public my body stiffles up and i cant dance no more...So yes, my bank was a winner......but i almost tripped as i walked down...I blame the DJ....he did not synchronise me well with some 'stand up for the champions' by Right Said Fred. Hehehehe...

So I wish to look at ten things about me.....To avoid being more like a boring MC....'now we are going to see so and so and they are going to present this and that and it is about those and them and they are going to do that and this', I will try to be short and juicy...

So yes KK THANKS For the (s)crap.

  1. I am a to qualify this....I am a MAN....ok ok i share this blog with two beautiful women, Extravagantgrace and Charm.....but joyunspeakable is a man....a few of you have refered to me as her....she.....she(joyunspeakable) is a HE.

  2. I sing alot.....I still think that one day I'll beat nameless and Eric Wainaina at it...I get depressed when I see am older than them by far and still not as good as they are....but hey i can do music....I've not played the piano for the last two years though....and am hopping to play sax and violin......honest.....i'll be turning forty next year and life as they say begins this space for new talent.

  3. I am hard of head...Yes...they asked me in an interview I attended last year what my weakness was and i told them hard-headedness....the fellows went ahead to give me a poor offer and expected me to change my mind? I dont win debates for nothing.....

  4. at first sight...maybe forever...i appear very proud, full of myself, a-care-for-nothing-else snob.....I learn this everyday with those who care to chat with me. They get to know me and they get approachable after all

  5. too lenghthy preaching bores me...whether written or spoken, even stories that dont change in focus after a while lose not a stickler to the bold and beautiful....the long preachings found in daily facebook devotionals really drive me a brief person. I talk for five minutes if am asked to speak for 5....why the heck should i blubber a point I made 20 minutes ago? why do you think i should listen to you for so long...phhhlease...i switched off when the Spirit told me you had veared off(read TIRED).....keeping on the point above, One day i want to train preachers to introduce 5 sec commercial talk that will yield more than the one hour sermon ....'bibilia inasema.....alipitia katikati yao na hawakumuona'. (SWAHILI FOR bible says he passed in their midst but they did not see him).

  6. I love sex long and explicit........AND yes am married with two brightest kids.....

  7. I have worked for close to 19 years now....I did my undergraduate while still working. I am toying with postgraduate course...i work close to 12 hours per first pay was only Kshs 700/= only of which I would pay 350/= to the landlord....I once lived in Swahili house whose neighbour was better endowed than me and whose cookery of meat smell while would float over my house....trouble is I would afford unga for ugali and onions, so it was common to fry water with onions......and salt!!!! Since my house and my neighbours shared a wall and had no ceiling, a friend of mine who was living off me would help me say......'mmmh na hii nyama ni poa' (as in this meat really tastes nice) then we would wave our ugali up to catch a whiff-bit of the air flowing from my neighbours house.....

  8. Mugithi does it for me......if there was any music i love dancing got it no kikuyu.......

  9. I have flown a few times.......locally......I still die for an opportunity to fly out of Kenya and be in the sky for 14 hours........

  10. I am diabetic...just in case you see me behaving funny in your midst in a state of confusion....just give me a sweet....and i will be alright....really!

now for this, i dont care if you have been tagged again.....i start from my no......just no order...

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