Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nothing to say

Several times
I wrote to a friend of mine
he ignored
he kept quiet
he, an old aquaintance
we did ministry
worked together
lived together
competed together
He taught me how to sing
but no matter what i tell him
he does not say anything
is there something i did?
me do not know
if i made him mad
or its only because
my old friend simply has
nothing to say


Farmgal said...

I'd go for nothing to you be Mr?

joyunspeakable said...

farmgal...i'm good..thanks dear

graceful glider said...

poor brother
daen't know how to say
he may miss you
but still don know how to say
he wishes he could do half the things you used to
but still don know how to say
time has past
and he thinks you have changed
but he fails to see how he has changed
thats why he don know how to say
what he has to say

joyunspeakable said...


Spot on...hit the bull's eye like a so priviledged to have friends like you
who give me another perspective
that is not judgemental
but keeps me thinking
what the heck
yesterdays friends
may leave me
but today, I have GG


graceful glider said...

Thank you!!!
tis true that times do pass
and seasons do come
and that is how
some friends turn out.
poetically i will be your friend coz tis the words that never change
and the emotion that has no face
but i am more lucky to have a face on the poems.

Sleek said...

let him've done your part, you've run your mile.if he doesn't come around then he was never a worthy friend