Monday, July 20, 2009

Something different

I saw you from across the street and had to do a double take
You looked so familiar and I was sure I knew you but didnt recognise you
There was something different about you
A sense of all brand new
The airs around you
The ring in your laughter
The confidence you exuded
The manner in which you carried yourself
I was looking at a total transformation
So long gone was the uneasy girl
The one who looked uncomfortable in their own skin
The broken little girl
Whose eyes told of horrors unknown
For those who cared to look deeper
With bent over shoulders
That seemed to bear the weight of the world
A world riddled with unimaginable pain and misery
The silly me couldnt help but cry
Not out of sorrow
But Joy beyond words
For the light shinning in you
Could light up the darkest of corners
How you laughed at my fussing
Then you said thank you
And I didnt understand
For I had no part in this
It was always within you
To walk away
To choose life
To move forward
And not look back
No, thank you
For allowing me to share
In this great miracle
The miracle of you
So baby go ahead and smile
Cos when you do, you sure do light up the world


graceful glider said...

Wa!!! lemmi get over my amazement imma be back....

joyunspeakable said...

Wow...@EG..can i be accused of having a bias for the Straight from the heart writeups you do?

Nice one

extravagantgrace said...

Thanks you two :-)

gladys said...