Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Because of why

Because of why?
I am too self centred
and I have standards for you
so my eyes see but what i want you to be

because of why?
your tongue not mine needs to be bridled
tantrums? no way
keep smiling...only then you'll remain an angel

because of why?
Puulliiise...am not about to cry or weep because You are
Comfort? comfort? comfort? this comfort not from me
I crave the one I saw...the one who attracted me first

Because of Why


Anonymous said...

but why????

why you dont come to my blog anymore... :(

James Tubman said...

if you are a pisces i know that you are not self centered

the description of our sign says that we are the only sign that are capable of feeling and expressing true love and compassion

dont tell anybody else okay lol

Karambu said...

I may not meet the standards you have so highly set for me, one thing is for sure, I would be a great friend.

I may not be the prettiest thing living, but I have a beautiful heart.

I may not be wealthy, and i may not be too clever, but I give my all.
Yes, because of that
and because I want you so!

joyunspeakable said...

Oyin, Am following you now on your blog....thanks for waking me up

@james...Am a pisces and I agree....but we have already told..lol...welcome @mine

@Karambu...you know your poem at fb inspired this piece....am lost at such honesty..very sweet.

Prettylyf said...

Because of why must I continue to mourn? because joy comes in the morning? and grief only lasts until dawn? because of why? because of God my troubles are no more they are washed away..washed away oh troubles done washed away..there was crying here but oh that too is washed away.

Joyunspeakable, the comment you left on my last post is so encouraging. Somehow it's what I needed to read tonight and I'm glad God used you to remind me of Him despite the difficulty death comes with Jesus is alive and even in death He grants us His victory to deliver us.

May God's a thousand fold blessings find you now & always (-:

joyunspeakable said...


Am touched.

God loves and cares for us...where we are all life, all the time

Ngare said...

I wanted to write a poem, but clearly...

Yours is deep, i relate.


joyunspeakable said...

Ngare thanks bro. You so lost on yours too....but am seeing an alert that you said something.

Maua said...

U know I'll keep smiling, because why? U lost but when u visit, u make me smile.

Anonymous said...

whew.....held my breath too long..lol

Yes, Anthony is my new boo...and he has really been comforting me and allowing all my downs go away. Hes really sweet so now I ask "why did it take him so long?"

the emrys said...

eish, this is definitely deep...thats just my way of saying i totally didnt get this :-)

Shiko-Msa said...

I came, I read, I liked. Nice poem Joyunspeakable.

Sleek said...

i like this..you chose a strange grammatical twist that just scraps at the mind and stays there: because of why....ahhh,nice

graceful glider said...

@ the emry's lol


because of why
you disappeared then never appeared...
though i went to a seer

because of why
the touch is only digital
and your being so magical
i want some physical

because of why
you keep so silent???
i wonder
because of why

joyunspeakable said...

hey @oyin nice to know you ok
@sleek, thx for visiting

saw you look the other side
when i attempted to say hi
so i just said brother hide
lest i be tempted to ask why
then you tell me no, because!