Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Company I keep

I have realised or it has been pointed out to me then when I am undergoing and internal crisis I tend to organised my external surrounding, cleaning and tidying obsessively in a bid to get some calm.....may be true...someone should have warned me about making friends with psychology geeks

Anyhu, I was having one of those days of frantically organising my already neat and tidy office cause for many reasons am unsettled. Halfway through the day I caught my reflection in the ladies( perfect thinking place) and noticed my eyebrows that were quickly turning into a monobrow....get that on my to do list which was growing longer than a mile...move it to the top of the list I suppose.

Some workmate of mine/friend/strange annoying person/dont know why we are friends cos he is so annoying, was booking some beauty treatment using my phone( wonder why) in my working space( cluttering, invasion of personal space). I asked him to book me in for an EYEBROW wax latest time they had and shooed him out to get on with work.

Cancelled meeting GREAT snicked out of office headed for the beauty spot met receptionist who always looks bored and caked with make up showed me to the rooms and in came an oriental woman with heavy accent asking why I was still dressed. Stunned she carried on talking muttering stuff I could hardly hear asked whether it was brazillian or bikini now that had me off the bed and reaching for the door. She asks where u go me not done nothing and in my head I was like yeah and you aint going to be doing anything anywhere near there.

She opened the door and shouted at the forever bored receptionist asking what kind of wax I was having. The place was packed with middle aged women escaping their NOT stressful lives and the Chinx is going she say(pointing at me) eyebrow you(receptionist) say brazil then she( pointing to some other beautician) say bikini..wot do? Wow I had my fill of embarrassment and left with my monobrow.

How did a simple eyebrow wax turn into waxing of my bits...........then it hit me the idiot of a friend had decided to pull a fast one on me.

Need to get him back...I will be having the last laugh


Crystal balls said...

Hahahaah you have TOTALLY made my morning! Bless you :-)

PS: I use razors - still too chicken to wax anything anywhere, not even the monobrows!!

Though I hear threading is the ultimate when it comes to facial hair.

extravagantgrace said...

Crystal he he he he razors are a no no for me and so are many sharp objects am just prone to injuries. Threading mmmmh too painfull, worse than waxing am allergic to pain lol. Only wax eyebrows, u get used to it

joyunspeakable said...

wow eg that must be a noisome pestilence of a friend.. ..hehehehe... let me go bak to laugh some more.... but he is sick. he needs a doctor, not a lawyer

extravagantgrace said...

@Joyunspeakable U carry on laughing, sometimes I wonder why I am still friends with him cos he is a huge pain in my backside and am not sure doctors will help him, mayb I will sue him for psychological trauma

Tricia said...

Ha!ha! I can imagine the brazilian woman. I'd have run before she turned around.

extravagantgrace said...

Tricia thanks for passing by, the woman was stunned when I walked out, am now looking for some other place to go