Friday, November 27, 2009

What's on my mind?

Alot is on my mind,
Alot that I want to say
So much more
Than could fit on a FB update
Lately my smile has been on holiday
My mind, consumed with one thought
Why we dont seem to get along
How we have become experts
On avoiding each other lately
I am so wound up inside
I could literally snap
The tension is gnawing at me
But you dont seem to see
That I am fading away
Slowly dying, only existing
You dont understand
I cannot be held back
You are only delaying the inevitable
I only wish you would let me be
Conventional has never been my style
Dont try to change me to conform
Accept me just as I am
I pave my own way
Never walking in paths marked by others
Thats the only way of discovering who I be
It doesnt matter if it hurts me
I will pick myself up and start over
There is no way I will unravel
I am tightly held together
I am exhausted from the bickering
I ask for understanding
And a little faith
To find my feet to walk, run
Then wings to fly and soar
Just let me be


graceful glider said...

i love your art of writing makes me feel so much at home keep up!!!

extravagantgrace said...

Thanks graceful glider, am paying a visit to yours now that insomia has kicked in

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