Thursday, January 29, 2009

If I was God

If I was God, I'd move around. I observe. I love the sound. My motive. To be profound. Mysteries to solve...' true to this i believe many times i want to be the most wise, the most important. I see others..they are all wrong. Who thought like that...they could have thought differently....the rest are all sinners worthy of punishment. They are gossips, idlers, i condemn them to utter darkness....they fornicate...the others. They kill... Them...they are hypocrites..those...they are in the list of hell....i observed all along i knew they were doomed to fail...excommunicate Them...they need to expelled from the community of believers...exterminate the vermin...they are drunkards...So, on and on i love playing God. I love passing judgement. I love finding others guilty. Am happy if my friends are caught in trouble. I play God....but this is all vanity. Cos without mercy, forgiveness and love i am nothing....lets then quit playing God and offer true restoration and reconciliation to those who we deem to be far from grace... 'I move around. I should observe. I sound love only. My motive love only. profound joy will come wen there are Mysteries to solve...'

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