Monday, January 5, 2009

Do I like controversy?

I kinda like bashin guys n that makes me feel good wen they bash me too n it becomes a boxin ring. Maybe i make up for my size wen i was young. Everyone used to threaten me. The fact that i can now win a war on words is amazing.... Or so i think.

Thanks to my nice cousins tim n sam i can engage a constructive war of words....maybe its destructive. However i remember my young days wit nostalgic fear.

There was this beautiful girl in class four who took the pride off me. Cos instead of cowing down wen i asked her an intimidating question she stood as though to tell me if i ask another question i'd be mince meat. The girl dared me? I felt insulted. A crowd gathered and started encouraging the unimaginable. I had never fought before. Infact i used to run away. Now here all the boys n girls have declared a world war to be fought by me and Mucece. That was her name. Sadly?? the school bell rang..was i not glad.?but then one guy decided the fight wud be rescheduled for the evening. My ego agreed. I was in it. Mucece agreed too. Was she not made of steel or something?

Anyhu, the hearts beat in anticipation of the big fight. For me all my life was at stake. Cos how wud i live after bein congestinad? As in a girl beatin a man. So all the boys and girls gathered around us to witness wat was deemed to be the big fight. Joyunspeakable was deemed to be a weaklin poor mucece was supposed to challenge me by hittin 'njota ya baba', and she did. She hit the little pebble on my hand. That was deemed to be an alkaida of sorts. I hit her. She responded. Deep within me and within 10 seconds to the fight i knew she was stronger and could probably beat me. I registered fear in me but i cud not i used the only weapon i had...i had long nails. I disfigured her face. She kept hittin me. I kept makin her ugly..the next day her mom came askin me why i beat her angel whom she was groomin me a wife for... It was a stalemate.

So now u know why i love controversies that will not win by anyone..... All who in need of a fight say aye...

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