Saturday, February 7, 2009

you are the love of my life

Ur my one true love. U fill my heart with longing for u, ur touch, ur special embrace, ur smile that tells me i belong. Ur actions towards me that tell me u never tire of me. Nothing in me makes u think am crazy, though i often see myself as such. U have loved me, sorouded me with great belief, trust n confidence. Ur not like the rest. U give enough reasons to love u over n over again. Many times my love to u is wanting. It does not sacrifice as u did. It does not give back to u as u did. Am selfish. I only come to u wen in need. Other times i just satisfy myself with the world around me. I forget it is ur riches am enjoying, ur grace that am spending, which u have issued to me like a blank cheque. U keep giving me showers of ur blessings. I love u but my love falls short..just like i fall short of ur glory. U have stood ur ground to defend me. U have made me ur jewel, the apple of ur eye. Am so blessed to be ur own my love.


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Joy the male:)

This is very well written!