Monday, August 24, 2009

What matters

I am sinking in the river that is raging
Slowly drowning
Its so hard to stand on sinking sand
My feet need to find solid ground
Will I ever rise to breathe easy again
I wanna know why
I just wanna understand why
Will I ever know why?
How could this be from Your hand?
I am trembling in the darkness of my fear
All the questions without answers
So grip me while I am here
And I may never know why
I may not understand
But I will trust in Your plan
And when it seems the walls of my beliefs
Come crashing down like they are made of sand
I wont let go of You now
Because I know
You're not shaken
You're my constant
My rock, my solid ground
My unchanging


joyunspeakable said... good Lord baby is gonna hold you through. Do you know tests dont last for long. Am praying with you

extravagantgrace said...

Thank you, I know He's got my back and the test is not here to stay

Shiko-Msa said...

It shall pass.

Sleek said...


Digzer said...

@ExGrace; I like the way you write. Keep it up and all the best as you seek out the tunnel at whose end lies the light.

gladys said...

I too hope i'll find my solid ground before am swallowed by the quick sand

extravagantgrace said...

Shiko, its slowly passing
Digzer..thanks and am striving to the end of the tunnel to light it up myself
Gladys...finding solid ground is always within us, we just need to believe that