Saturday, January 23, 2010


Walking back?
The same shoes i walked in?
all the way are they not finished?
With stillettos on me now?
so you can imagine the damage am doing
if i walk right back
or even may break the both our bones
cos i notice the floor is so slippery
and my stillettos gonna leave a huge pothole
and my ankles gonna break
and my soles gonna be numb
and my soul is gonna be torn
and my memories are gonna be back
no, am not taking a walk
down that path
it will simply kill me;
even you too.


extravagantgrace said...

wow then by all means do stay
dont let go, dont walk away
do promise never to part
no goodbyes cos there aint such thing.

lulu said...

you know i never look back when i move from something? never...walk on my dear

Wyndago said...

Don't go back, you've been there you know it went, you think it will be different this time?