Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good bye?

What is so good about it?
The pain that tears through me
When you turn to leave?
The unspoken begging words
To make you stay.. a little longer?
The indecision of whether to follow?
The uncertainity of leaving?
The longing that overwhelms
As soon as the parting words are whispered?
The tears that roll unstopped?
The sadness enveloping like a blanket?
The immesurable ache to have you close?
Feeling everything and yet nothing?
The hope I cling to that you will return?
The empty days,countless minutes that roll on?
The anticipation that you might not come back?
What is so good about the goodbye?


joyunspeakable said...

Bye was never a word
For u.
His peace keepeth u
Till we meet
He is able
To do immeasurably more

Always... heartbeat.

Crystal balls said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. Poignant, sincere, real ... and so well expressed! Hope he comes back soon :-)

Sultana said...


**neemadivinity.blogspot has moved.

Digzer said...

Very deep.

Loving it.

extravagantgrace said...

@Joyunspeakable...well then I will stick to I'll be seeing you

@Crystal thank you....mmh wonder wot gave away the gender
@ Sultana thanks
@Digzer this is me bowing

gladys said...

Maybe that atleast with a goodbye you know he's gone rather than having just walked off without a word?
I love it,most are just bad byes if you ask me