Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My six

1. I am loud.....I laugh loud, speak loud most of the time, I live life out loud no reservations

2. I have about six pairs of black trousers and I can tell them apart, why I have so many I really don't know they just seem to accumulate

3. I have given up counting the number of pairs of shoes I have my greatest weakness, when I can afford a house of my own I will have a shoe room for them to go on display

3. I am punctual to a fault and that makes me hate waiting, I simply do not understand why some people are always late it just doesn't work for me, I panic when I am late even if its for the most insignificant thing

4. I am a daredevil I just cant resist a dare the number of things I have done cos of a dare are numerous and most of them put me into trouble but hey one has to make most of this life live for the moment

5. they say I am stubborn, I call myself a free spirit. Being told what to do just doesn't sit well with me. The thing am told not to do ends up being what I exactly do so that tells you am not a favourite of authority

6. This should have come first but oh well. MUSIC all kinds and dancing my new found passion. I cant get enough of it everywhere every hour every minute cant do without music

7. Bonus cos am good like that..... I cry alot, watching a good movie, reading a good book even when I laugh so hard I cry, beautiful song I weep, when am so happy I end up crying when am sad I wail when I say goodbye its just never ending I sometimes cry for no reason(strange I know)


Maua said...

On 3, you will have a big dressing room like the one Angela Bassett's husband has on 'Waiting to Exhale.

On 5, who likes authority, except from ABOVE.

On 6, IMusic is good but I it when served loud, even if you sugarcoat it.

joyunspeakable said...

Extravagant grace,,,,
1. i agree.
2. i am wondering....why so many? do you wonder why i look at you with the eyes like...Aiia...she's wearing what she had on yesterday...?
3. i just discovered that what you have in excess always is junk. if i have not worn something in the last two months i dont need it. its my seed.....give those shoes away darling.
3.there are two number 3's....anyway i know what you mean..can we meat at I&M building? wont keep you this time round
4. that's my girl
5. i'd hate to be your boss
6. we share this passion....

extravagantgrace said...

Well you never guess what I did today.... gave away two pairs of shoes and ended up replacing them with two new ones. I call them investments he he he am simply hopeless.

on 3 I would actually think am trapped in a bad dream if you never kept me waiting cos that has never happened so lets just keep the world as it is no need to upset the balance

on 5 i rememeber clearly you saying that you wouldnt mind working with me. Since when did this situation change? Am not that bad really so long as you let me do what I want to LOL

I can so visualize that walk in dressing room I will let you know WHEN its actually in place

Loud music.mmmmmmh lets just say there is a time for everything normally when I play it loud in my room thats a huge statement STAY OUT

joyunspeakable said...

Extravagantgrace; you can be my company secretary...my legal affairs director but certainly not my junior,,,cos i shudder to look at you and you are telling me no for something that must be done...but since i know as a legal person you will come up with a legal reason why my request is not going to be performed, i wont mind working with you on colleague basis.....cos then you will give me better excuses for our boss...ama?

Anonymous said...

i like your number 5 coz thats what i am too!

extravagantgrace said...

@joyunspeakable, well that sounds like a good idea or better still we could have a company owned by us no bosses, you do all the hard work and I just sit there and look pretty sounds good yes?

joyunspeakable said...

thats not like you e'g'. you cant sit pretty...you have to work...you know what there are times i wouldn't mind you sitting pretty...not in the office though..

you'd have to really work hard...the nature of work not withstanding....oops!

extravagantgrace said...

he he he he I would like to know where you were going with that train of thought but I guess I do.

Its true am not good at sitting pretty got to work get stuck into it. So i guess I should look into the capital for the company

charm said...

I feel you on the shoes, I have so many some I can't remember when I wore some of them last, I end up wearing a few pairs over and over- and yeah, I give them away every so often-problem is they are still many and I can't imagine life with like 3 pairs of shoes like a guy!

Loud music is my all time favorite-and when in those crazy matatus they have those stickers of 'if its too loud you are too old' makes me wonder when I get to that point of 'oh no!its too loud!'

Extragantgrace, have you realised that the more you keep time the more people around you who don't? I am yet to figure that one out.

extravagantgrace said...

I call my shoes investments one day the designer ones I tell myself will be worth alot.

You know I have tried not be bothered about being on time but it just doesant work, my whole body is wired to beiong on time and yes there are more of those who simply cant keep time like my mum she says its African time????????? who came up with that one?