Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Instrument in God's Hands

Chosen me; out of lostness
Broken He; but in innocence
Pardon me; that His Presence
Condone me; dirt or a menace
Wanting me;bit of a nuisance
Granting me; fit for Holiness
An instrument in your hands today
an idol i was yesterday in hell totally
an hindrance in ways you have tendered
an instrument in your hands today
Praise be to God
Who's grace abounds
I am being touched by Your Hands
Being molded by your hands
Being loved into what You Will
Now like a guitar
sharply tuned and playful
the Master Skilfully plays me
I am awash with His Song.
I am an instrument In His Hands


1 comment:

extravagantgrace said...

I have only to think of how broken I am for me to be quickly humbled but isnt it amazing that we have been saved by Grace and the same Grace carries us through??? Well written I should say now where is the music to go with it?

By the way, i like the story on the side of the blog I have been laughing so hard I cabt stop