Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My several

I'm not sure on the order of priority so here we go!

1. I do not own a mirror in my house. I have no idea why but I have just never seen the point of having one. My friend says I am modest, another one says I need a mirror in my house. Some do not believe I don't own one because I dress well and they wonder how I know the clothes are right. Its a feeling, I have to feel what I wear otherwise we are not going anywhere-I like that.

2. I have a great sense of fashion-whatever I pick looks good and authentic-so its hard convincing my friends that I sometimes pick my clothes from tush-

3. I love high heels because I think they are sexy and make one look good-but I can't walk in them-I try and sometimes I pull through-those are the shoes I never give out-if I cannot wear them I will look at them!

4. Grey's anatomy is currently rocking my world, Parachute Band's Amazing is in my ear right now

5. I am a die hard fun of Kumbamba Radio

6. I do not like people who repeat things, it bores me to tears.

7. And speaking of tears, I'm not the everyday teary girl. I don't cry over movies or when people die-I cry over things yes, but when I do its bad-real bad and sometimes you wouldn't expect.

8. I find it funny and weird if you may that people break up and make up over and over. I'm the kind who when we break up that's it, I mean if it didn't work the first time what makes you think it will this time? and no we can't be friends!(well, at least not immediately).

9. I love electronics-phones, cameras, music systems, ipods you name it. And yes, I repair my own when they have issues.

I'm a good cook, very good one at that. I like the good things of life, I love dearly, wholeheartedly, I smile from my heart, I laugh from deep within.


joyunspeakable said...

1. haiya charm.....if your sense for sight is that poor, then it means your sense of feel is strong....or is it smell???
2. its hard to believe that a designer girl could come from the girl next door.....still i understand. Tush? it's common with so many of us
3. be nice girl. you probably are short and you wanna make up for your hight challenges. but what challenge do you have to keep all those non worn shoes.....may be you aspire to own bata shop one day? God could hear your prayer you know.
4. no comment. actually, i have no idea who they are.
5. ku..what? is that a station within your shags or what?
6. i hate to imagine what you'd do if you met me
7. am a guy.. i cry. mostly when annoyed, or let down..or just desperate
8. was just a disagreement.
9. you must be made of steel or something?

bonus.....i can smell that meal over the net.....are you on facebook...please poke or tag me...with the food date of course.

extravagantgrace said...

1. mmmmh interesting this one is
2. Good on you gal, I just go with what I fancy if one doesnt like it well they will have to get over themselves
3. We are soul mates on this one, with practice though u will be able to pull off every inch
4. Not into Grey's but Parachute band mmh kinda like they havent grown on me
5. eeeeh whats that?
6. LOL thats why I hate work meeting with people going on and on about the same thing am tempted to say do i look stupid?
7. You sound like my sis she says I do the crying for both of us, funny thing though I dont cry during funerals
8. You had your chance you blew it comes to mind
9. where would we be without technology

Good on you. I can cook but I choos not to why deprive other people of that pleasure? I do the entertaining

Anonymous said...

i actually can not believe a woman does not have a mirror in her house, ur not serious!?

charm said...

Joyunspeakable, Neema-on 1, very true i don't have a mirror-si even the bible warns about looking yourself in the mirror coz you forget, LOL-can't even remember where I read that!

2. this is me bowing!

3.Joyunspeakable, even the tallest of women know that high heels rock. Well, I choose to say I am down to earth-not short, lol

4.Joyunspeakable, Grey's anotomy is a series on doctors and their interns and their everyday life, try a prolonged Scrubs mixed with Chicago Hope or ER-Do you have an idea what this is? Btw, I'm a recovering T.V addict

5. Kumbamba Radio is a Hip Hope show on Hope Fm every Saturday from 8pm-12.00. You have to have been born during or just after the '82 attempted coup, or after Kenyatta was no longer president of this nation, or eaten dextrosol and goody goody (great stuff) to flow with it.