Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nice things in life

One Joyunspeakable wanted to know what I was up to during Easter. By the way, I have a brilliant memory and remembers things in shocking details. so now you know better than get into an argument with me over things said in the past or not said!This is among the very nice things I remember

It feels like yesterday,
the day I knew you were the one
and I knew I needed you,
couldn't, wouldn't make it alone.

The salty taste in my mouth,
not of blood, but of warm tears,
as I cried and clung to you,
not because I was hurting
but because I had this warmth,
this joy, this gladness
peace and calm like I had never known

The clinging, the wanting, the needing
not because you were going to go away,
but because I couldn't get enough of you
I couldn't remember how I had lived without you
if I lived without you at all

Its been a while since I felt this way
sometimes I've let you down,
I've bruised your heart,
maybe broken it a couple of times
I've cheated,
I've been unfaithful.

But you've been there,
you've held me when I cried,
you've come through for me
you've covered my back
even when the ones I trusted ran
or turned against me,
or didn't like me like before.

So today I reminisce on our walk together
and I'm filled with this joy, this gladness
peace and calm like on the very first day we met
and I ask if its been worth it
and you're nail scared hands tells me
you did it all for me
then I know, its all been worth it.


joyunspeakable said...


as i began i thought haiya......

then i read through the poem and i thought, what a piece?

Sincerely, its a bomb.

charm said...

This is me bowing

Prettylyf said...

This is utterly impeccably beautiful! It's so true, so simply yet deep in message :)

I'm blessed