Monday, April 7, 2008

When words Hurt

Michael Card sang this song ... "I Will Not Walk Away,"

these words speak the thoughts of a broken heart: "Don't read me pointless poems friend. Don't diagnose. Don't condescend. Though you may be right to disagree. I need someone to weep with me."

Do we feel like this lots of times? are we also not guilty of talking too much to the broken hearted? aren't i very fond of telling people not to cry?


Prettylyf said...

Ohhh. This post touched me. I'm fond of telling others to cry. Tears cleanse the soul and after a good cry you're at peace. Hey it works for me.

charm said...

@prettylyf, I totally agree that tears cleanse the soul,sometimes after a good cry you find a reason to cry some more.
I'm fond of telling myself not to cry , the other day a friend asked me 'are you most vulnerable when you cry coz you hold back and fight tears'? I didn't have an answer only that I like to cry for a good reason.
Are there good reasons for tears to flow?

joyunspeakable said...

@pl i cry lots..sometimes in prayer..sometimes alone....
@charm...tears remove the pain carried over time

Uzezi said...

i tell people to cry, welcome the pain and that way u can get over it and feel light hearted after the tears and move on with your life.

Maua said...

I cry alot, I cry with others, and I cry alone. 'get it out of your system', is my motto.

But most times, it still hurts even after days of tears.