Wednesday, April 16, 2008

shocked!!!! under attack

My sister's facebook Address and she was reporting that she is shocked but she will recover.

She had a brush together with my old folks and my younger bro with rogues.


Am in dreamland, the time is about 1.00 am in the morning and my Phone rings. For no apparent reason, tonight i had forgotten to switch off my fon cos i don't like sleeping with it on. i see the name on the phone and her voice is i still dreaming?

She is shaking and puts off the phone. Before my clouded mind can awake, she calls again. She says..there are thieves breaking into the house, please call the police for us... don't i hate bad news from far. i can hear the noise of breaking wood. I assume its the doors

Now i am approx 300 miles away from them. i cant fly, only drive or use the slow public means.
I don't know what to do. this kind of news is ....dangerous to my health. Cos am diabetic and any stress brings sugar levels too high.

I try my best to look for Police i Know could add value at this is 'mteja'....wait a minute, there is this guy in the village who told me he belongs to the village vigilante....i call him. luckily he picks up his fon.

I back out my pleas. My family is in danger. Where is God at this time. i try to pray. its a whole lot of nerves now. My father the way i know him is a bit hard headed and may expose himself to danger by resisting the gang.

I call my sister....thankfully they still have not found her yet. she is nerves. she says the rest of the house is silent.....she does not know what is happening.

I disconnect my fon...the pain on the other end is too much to bear. i call my contact on the other hand. He has already mobilised guys in the vigilante....then i call another friend who has a car....'please see what you can do bro...' Not to worry. calm down and give me directions to your home...' then i think, why do i not even show my friends my old folks home?....after like DAYS in time* am able to finally explain to him the was the period i took to think as we spoke.

I call again my sister. She is crying and crying. 'they've cut dad, they've beaten up mom'
why is this happening to my family?

I disconnect again.... i call my friend again, the one with a car....'now it is a life saving mission. Just drive home direct, pick my dad and rush him to hospital....i can tell from his voice...he is crying too.

2.00 am am still trying to get in touch with home. I call mom's line. She's too shocked to speak. i call my sister again. She's calmed down. Now she knows what's happening.....My dad is in Hospital, My mom feels alright(????????) after all that beating? the doctors do a stitch job on my old man......they think he is not too bad......

I have to travel by road to go be with my people....meanwhile my friend reassures dad will be fine......

It was truly a weekend i would not wish to remember


Anonymous said... are joking!? what???
that was really a bad experience for your family...
pass my get better soon to them...

KK said...

Truly tragic... hope your Dad's feeling better

joyunspeakable said...'s true. it happened...they are better now thanks

kk yeah.....he is feeling better...the stitches were removed yesterday

charm said...

Pole sana....pole. Praying for the best for you and your family