Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nice Things in Life Reprise

I knew you before you knew yourself.
like a confused bit of swam
you walked down the big aisle...not knowing i was seeing you and loving you.
You Went and walked to your suitor and said I do
and from then onwards became one

I loved you as you smiled and bowed and as you were kissed
I loved you as you made your way out after saying I do
now as one you were blossoming.. each time you became bigger
i still loved you

It was not a mercedes benz that bore you
It wasn't a chrysler, a porsche
Nothing like that
It was one so dear to you who bore you
Her life was watched by me
that at the final day you may come out strong and beautiful....

i loved you and though you never did see me
each little step you took i was there.
I watched you as you made your first things
what you did not know is that each first thing you did was glorious to me.

then you started knowing other things; you began to bite your bearer
you promoted yourself in ways unbecoming.
you began speaking things that made me sad.
you started behaving in the me, I and mine.
I still loved you

I see the effort you keep making.
your struggle to be good
your effort to be in good books
you seem to notice my eyes everytime you go wrong

I just wanted to remind you
that despite everything you are doing
despite the errors that beset you
despite the evils you see
I love you

Cos i died for you on a tree.
I watched you being formed in your mothers womb
I watched you being born
I am watching you now
Still i say
I love you

dont you worry,
you will enjoy the love i give
until you hear me saying to you
well done...........i love you.....when we are face to face


Anonymous said...

this is sweet, first i thought it was a romantic could make for one you know!

Wireless said...

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Prettylyf said...

You, you're too good :)

joyunspeakable said...

maua ...thanks for seeing the romance...

wireless...thanks for coming by mine but i guess you wanted to advertise your stuff

Pretty....thanks...charm always says and i quote...this is me bowing

charm said...

yeah, cool stuff right there and it is so so true.
btw, that letter of the week made LOL to tears!