Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I am not but I know I Am

You and I are tiny, Miniscule. Transient. Microscopic. A momentary and infinitesimal blip on the timeline of the universe. A seemingly undetectable alliance of dust particles held together by the breath of God.

The sum of our days is like a vapor-our accumulated efforts like chaff in the wind. Among us, even the richest of the rich owns nothing. The strongest of the strong can be felled in one faltering heartbeat. We are fleeting mortals. Frail flesh. Little specks. Phantoms.

If this makes you feel a tad bit uncomfortable, you're not alone. Invariably, when I talk about the vastness of God and the cosmos, someone will say "you're making me feel bad about myself and making me feel really really small," as if thats the worst thing that could happen. But the point is not to make you feel small,rather to help you see and embrace the reality that you are small really really small.

But thats not where the story ends. Though we are transient dust particles in the universe that is expanding faster than the speed of light, the unexplainable mystery of mysteries is that you and I are loved and prized by the God of all Creation.

Simply because he wanted to, He fashioned each of us in His own image, creating within us the capacity to know him. And if that wasn't enough, in spite of our foolishness and rebellious hearts, God has pursued us with relentless passion and patience, fully expressing to us His unfathomable love through the mercy and grace of the cross of His son, Jesus Christ

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joyunspeakable said...

the share of God. everyday, people wake up thinking about themselves, about how to succeed, about how to work out things in various ways, how to be better; rarely do we find time to think about the eternal investment. God has invested in you and me and no matter how insignificant we look in comparison to him, he has risked to place his order on such a stock as you are.

you and i know we are worthless otherwise, but he has given his life but to make us worthy.

so it feels good just to reflect on the goodness of this great Share that does not depreciate with time, whether there are bulls or bears, he still maintains deeply his concern and holds on to the risk of us becoming nothing cos he sees the best in us.

its a priviledge to be a Share in the hands of the StockMaster.