Monday, July 9, 2007

Tribute to (Bishop) David Gichuru

I write this mail knowing that this was man who became bishop long before he was ever made one. I met Reverend Gichuru in 1988 when he was training at Kaaga circuit. Truly this was a great preacher, a man of God, he was full of youthful vigor and i'd agree with all those who are saying that his selflessness is unmatched.Bishop, sang parapanda, blew a trumpet and won us from our tender age. he joined our youthful groups and encouraged them. We saw in him the redemption of the Church from ancient traditions to very youthful oriented services. days are when he would encourage those of us in the late eighties who were deemed to be rebellious. he encouraged a young group of singers called 'revivors'. later in the nineties he was with us again in the group known as 'the fellowship'David, has kept in touch with me for all the time he has been in the states. He was a dependable man. he always wanted the best for his can we say bye to such a great man? People of God, beloved and won by the Lord, this is an example of what the Lord does to us.Grace, AMAZING GRACE, you are a winner, cos the Lord who took away Bishop from you, is the same one with you. you will be amazed at what GRACE, he will give to you.for all his friends, lets take courage in him who overcame the world. Let's celebrate a great man. indeed he was a BISHOP.
June 20, 2007 3:35 AM

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