Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My lover is Jesus

munyanya okwa munyanya okwa ni jesu
munyanya okwa munyanya okwa ni jesu

munyanaya okwa ritwa riawe ni jesu
munyanya okwa mworia wa mirimo yakwa
nu ungi ta munyanya okwa
nimbunite ruuji na maria ntoona
ungi tawe
uthongi bwawe nita bwa riua rikithuua


extravagantgrace said...

That took me a while to read, had to go over it again then I loved it. Its ace

joyunspeakable said...

it is i think too. IT WAS nice to see the Lord that way. a true lover. Munyanya is the deepest word in Kimeru for lover, friend, beloved, nothing like it kind of love, yet so fulfilling.....that's Christ for you and me.

Karambu said...

munyanya okwa ni jesu...
Oh how true
Oh how lovely
He is the lover of my soul!