Thursday, September 13, 2007

the flu and the fool

i had the unfortunate event of catchin a cold and i thought it was going each day.....then i realised how much nagging it can be....always a running nose, that never seems to tire to bring out the waters....

i had the unfortunate incidence of catching a was going on and on. i took tablets to cool it off only for it to come back shortly.

i had the unfortunate incidence of sleeping under a leaking roof one was the most disgusting thing i have ever witnessed...because i was deep in sleep...then one by one, drops of ice were falling on my head, so i dreamt.

i had the unfortunate incidence of being chased by dogs, canines, real ones; because i had traversed their matter how i ran, it seemed i was too slow.

then i got to much of a running nose i am to the King of Kings, a running fever, a roof that he mends only for it to matter how far i ran into sin, God's presence is ever their, so i can not hide the little things that cause him some headache.....only he is God, he does not get sick...but does he not find me tiresome to deal with?

he turns the fool who is like flu to be full in stature and a pool of treasure
he makes the flu be gone and no longer be borne by those won by his love
he takes the flu and makes it disappear and rakes all the viruses and bakes them into nothing
so cool, no tool in his hands becomes fool, pool in with him, all the wool you have and certainly be free of fru and full of him

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