Friday, September 21, 2007

Kenyans!!!!Wanachana na hawa!!!

Very hilarious!!!

"From a Njoro School Teacher
... Nani huyo ananyonya moto??(who is smoking)"

"From a Nyeri high school grammar teacher:
"The girl goes to school, goesn't she?"

"From a Kianyaga High School Teacher:
"Both of you three, come here!"

"From Pangani Girls geography teacher in a Geography class:
"In a natural forest, there are many trees(many different
Species) but in a man made forest, there is only one tree (One Species)"

"From St. Georges Secondary geography teacher in a Geography

"the ass is lound?" meaning the earth is round

"From the headmaster of Kerugoya High School.He comes in the
staff room panting and says:

A male cow was running after me" (A bull had been chasing him)

An Irate teacher to student: ( Nanyuki High School )
"Tomorrow I want you to come with your father, your
mother and both your parents

Heard at a bar somewhere in western province, the
stronghold of the Luhya:

"'You can't me!' - translated from,'Huniwezi!'

From a student composition in high school:
"the car beat the corner in speed and then fell over and its
legs faced up (gari ilipiga kona halafu ikaanguka na miguu ikaanglia juu
-- sheng)"

A kyuk once told the butcher:
"Forgive for me a kilo of meat with holy paper.
(njohera kilo ya nyama na karatathi gatheru)" -All kikuyuz
this is obviously the winner au vipi?

On seeing twins enter his office, the assistant director in
Starehe said:

"You look together; are you twice?"

In Kagumo High the deputy principle praying for the Mtongwe
disaster victims:

"Rod(LORD) help those who(paused for a moment)

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