Saturday, January 26, 2008


Am impassed not just by two politicians, but impassed. my prayer life is impassed. i pray and it hits (or is it heats) the roof, i call out loud and am impassed. my one true friend has impassed me.

Jesus, surely your goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, surely you'll keep me in perfect peace (he whose mind is stayed on thee), surely oops.......i digress

i looked at my life and found the reasons. i was pushing my own agenda. i fought and fought but the thing was my agenda. it has conditions that Jesus must meet, my beloved friend must meet, and you wont believe it, i also lay conditions about the kind of life i will live with the Lord. he is a know a silent listener to my foul speech, callous nature and party spirit.....surely he was not going to be head over this my house? am impassed.

woi Raila, woi Kibaki.... YOU ARE JUST but proving one thing. your selfishness is true of me everyday......i'd do the same thing if i were in your as i pray for the impasse in the nation to end, i am only too aware that you have no power of your own to stop being selfish. i will believe in His Spirit.....cos its not by might, nor by power but by his spirit.

So dear Lord. clear this great chasm for me and my friend and this nation. it is all i ask.


Maua said...

I hear you. I'm guilty too. We've been making very selfish prayers. I don't know about you, but I had my preference, until this last weekend, a woman of God preached from 1Kings 18 when Elijah was about to call fire to burn the prophets of baal. Before the fire, Elijah had to 'mend' the Lords alter. We keep forgetting to do this and just go on calling fire from heaven. Which alters are we using?

This is what we keep forgetting. Preparing for worship. We keep pouring new wine on old wineskins. No wonder our prayers are hitting the roofs.

'Our father who art in heaven........... give us this day our daily bread' this new day, not yesterday's bread but today's bread.

joyunspeakable said...

its so hard to work on the altar.... believe you me, its easier crying hoarse and shouting...come out in the name of Jesus, whom paul preaches....what do you think?

Maua said...

I've been very helpless on this. And I'm accepting that.

I guess we just need to know that we are different. We have been called to intercede for people like Raila and Kibaki, and the thing we need to do most, more than anything, especially because of our nation's peace is to cleanse ourselves, and our leaders and our nation. Repent for their wrongs that God may show Himself strong.

Only God can. Man has tried all he can, and it's time to leave all to God. We need to pray from our hearts, with much intimacy with God that we may be ushered in (our prayers heard).

1Kings 18, Elijah shut the door and lay on the dead boy. Shutting himself from the world and the influence, and knowing that all issues are beneath us and we are on top of them.

Please understand, I'm still trying to shut myself but the man in me keeps resurfacing and I keep forgetting to mend the altar. But God will give me strength.