Saturday, February 16, 2008


The girl came up with some of the best known blog regarding Kenyan use of language. Wat pray, happened to 'anaa one' part2 of truly Kenyan english? Please don't keep us upto later KC......or is it lay-ra?


charm said...

Yeah, that KenyanChik has rocked my world, I have to control myself from laughing out loudly in the office. I agree, she has insane humor-more of such people make this world go round
I thought I was the only one who wondered where from are accents such as Robert Nagila's and Pamela Asigi (for many months I couldnt even get her name!)
Tim Njiru is ana'a one with a mixture of South African, Kenyan, British and God knows what else accent.Misiko Andere loses me and as for our radio presenters, enough has been said. While at it I think all the young blood at KBC should change their carriers- Whatever happened to people being themselves!perhaps they can borrow a leaf from Shaka Ssali (he pronounces his name as Shaka Ssari) who is proudly Ugandan.

Maua said...

KC, I've waited and waited..... Do you know it was for this reason that I blog. That guide got me here.